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Monday is push day for me. This usually means I do a hard workout session which involves some HIIT followed by a long run. GOSH, I FEEL SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR DOING INSANITY FOLLOWED BY AN HOUR RUN! Something about the combo of pylometric moves followed by cardio to flush it out gets me every time. I love it. ?You should have a push day too! WHAT IS A PUSH DAY? A push day is where you...
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What Happened When I Returned to the Gym After 3 Years

Gosh, when was the last time I went to the gym? I've always worked out outdoors (running) or at home (HIIT and pilates) but I've never paid for a gym membership. In fact, the last time I went into the gym was back in grade 12 when the high school I attended had an affiliation with the local Goodlife. I was extremely sore the next day! Oh my gosh. I also noticed a difference in my hunger, energy, and body: Number 1....
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