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Trying 2 Supplements to Enhance Keto!

I recently had the chance to review 2 products that caught my eye from DR Vitamin Solutions. They are an online supplements store featuring a wide variety of products from vitamins, to things for hair, skin and nails, to weight...
7 ways to beat bloat

7 Best Ways to Beat the Bloat!

HELLO M’FITTIES! Did you know its’ Friday the 13th? OOoooooOOOOOooooo. I have a sensitive digestion. Maybe that’s why I’m real adamant about my keto-paleo diet. Honestly, bloating is not fun. There are whole list of reasons I won’t get into...
13 reasons why you're binging

13 Reasons Why You’re Binging

For those of m’fitties following for a while, you all know my struggle with Binge Eating. Like many addictions, it comes and comes in cycles, but now the periods between the bad days prevail–and that’s the thing with all addictions:...
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Pumpkin + Yoga = Poga.

Hi. Notice anything different on my side bar? That’s right–a new icon. Also, I changed the favicon (that little image right next to the address bar of a site) to a headshot of me. Do you like it? Hope ya’ll...
keto OS pruvit

Best Supplement Ever for Energy, Sleep, Weight loss, + Mood?!

I am so excited to share with you guys a secret weapon that I’ll be using for weight loss and optimized health. It helps increase energy, decrease cravings, and up your athletic performance. Well, there’s so much more that I could name but those are just a few! It’s called Keto Operation System(KETO-OS) and no, you do not have to follow a keto diet for this all natural supplement to be effective...
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