when everything looks fine, you think that person is fine. And sometimes when something looks wrong, things are are not necessarily wrong but perfectly fine

When Everything Looks Fine.

Last night, I had a dream. I had a dream that my little sister, 13 years old, was suicidal. She was carving out in the wall that separated our two rooms (her bedroom and mine), a suicide note. I distinctly...
the girls trip social entrepreneur networking event

5 Ways To Boost Self Esteem

Okay, so I struggle with self worth, self confidence, and stepping into the value I know I have. But for a moment that night, I came in with the force of my angel wings spread wide. Social outings are getting...
Why You're Worth It thumbnail

Why You’re Worth It

Hello m’fitties! Today I want to talk to you about something on my mind. So often we deny ourselves pleasure just because we feel we don’t deserve it–like we haven’t worked hard enough yet, or we didn’t complete the task...
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You Matter In This World.

A few months ago, I collected letters from my friends; letters that expressed what they appreciated about me. My purpose was to add this to my gratitude practice. I got 4 back, but never read them until very recently. I...
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