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Breakdown to Breakthrough + Body Image

When I exited the hotel room that morning, T could see that I was in distress. I tried to not say anything and make a beeline to checkout, but he asked, "Are you okay?" And I couldn't bring myself to say yes. He gave me a hug and I teared up. All the worms I didn't want to face came rushing up to the surface and I choked on my breath. "I just want to stop hating myself." I sobbed.
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Accepting Myself As I Am.

These days, I’ve been spending lots of time doing leisure things: YouTubing Blogging Reading / Learning about habits + willpower Attending virtual conversation nights Walking / Yoga The other day, I chased down a girl named Angelina that I’ve seen...
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A Message You All Need to Hear.

Addiction and compulsion. Self shame and sabotage. Guilt and pain. ☆☆☆ Hello love, we all struggle with addiction. I know I have in the past and you’re the last person I would ever look down upon. In fact, acknowlege your...
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