The happiness project

Friday 5: My Current-lies!

There's this tiny little BBQ house in a plaza where my siblings take their Saturday Chinese school classes. My friend introduced the shop to me when I was craving crispy duck one day. Since I wasn't looking for purchase lean meat and they don't sell the head or legs as much as the actual fire-roasted pork itself, I ended up buying half the head for just $2. That thing could feed me for like, 5 days straight guys, I kid you not! It's so rich in fat and I love love love the crispy skin. It's like eating chips--but pork chips. Keto-paleo friendly. Okay well, I admit, the seasoning with MSG and sugar and all probably isn't paleo, but I have no idea how to make it at home and this deal was too good to pass off. If I could eat like this all throughout university living on my own, I'd literally be saving hundreds on grocery! I was pleasantly surprised when I took it home, that the noggin(yes, the pig brains) was still inside! THAT THING IS SO RICH IN OMEGA 3'S, YOU HAVE NO IDEA! It looked something like this...
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