13 mantras for trusting the universe

5 Ways To Find Grace Over Grit

I was invited on to Jennifer’s live a few weeks ago under her Instagram live series; Coaching in 5! I admire her work and support her; we have similar visions in our coaching in that we help empower women step...
me coffee

The Stories I Tell Myself

I hate playing for limitations. If I fight for my own limitations, I will only get them. My goal is to be limitless. And that takes fighting for. That takes courage and that takes effort. And that takes change. Conscious...
your mind is a garden affirmation

8 Mantras For Inner Peace

Going through emotional turmoil can be hard, especially alone. I don’t always want to pull out my camera to film when I’m crying, when I’m throwing a tantrum, when I binged, when I journal, etc. etc. I don’t always want...
diet sane

How to Stay Diet-Sane During Holidays

The holidays can pose as an especially tough time emotionally for those of us struggling with Binge Eating, emotional eating, depression, and/or food addiction. The parties. The food (why does every social event revolve around food?) The people (some great,...
Why You're Worth It thumbnail

Why You’re Worth It

Hello m’fitties! Today I want to talk to you about something on my mind. So often we deny ourselves pleasure just because we feel we don’t deserve it–like we haven’t worked hard enough yet, or we didn’t complete the task...
gratitude selfie walk thumbnail

How to Skip a Workout and NOT Feel Guilty?

What if you could let go of a missed workout and still feel okay, still feel sane? The truth is, you're still in control of your life. Don't let a checklist control you. Don't let your training control you. Don't let a workout program dictate your life! So how to do overcome the guilt? How I did it, and you can see in the video...
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