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How to Skip a Workout and NOT Feel Guilty?

What if you could let go of a missed workout and still feel okay, still feel sane? The truth is, you're still in control of your life. Don't let a checklist control you. Don't let your training control you. Don't let a workout program dictate your life! So how to do overcome the guilt? How I did it, and you can see in the video...
Let's Chat: Workout Guilt


Workout guilt. It sucks. As I’ve talked about before, I have anxiety around exercise. Exercise gives me a sense of calm and yet it also gives me anxiety when I don’t get it done; like a to do list that doesn’t...
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Happiness + Weight Loss Habits!

**this post May contain an affiliate Link** Hello M’fitties! As you know, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal for quite a while now and near the back of the book, I keep certain notes. I’ve been visiting chapters about once every 3...
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My Binge Eating Disorder

Oh gosh, this is going to be a long, winded, emotional post. Forgive me, because this post will be up and down and sideways with all my thoughts spewing without chronological order or filters. I’ve never addressed this issue with...
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