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Addiction Relapse + Dealing with Loss // Post Graduate Life

I didn't have value (because that was what was congruent with the facts of my reality at the moment). I gave up on myself. For a short while I gave up on everything, and everyone. I didn't shower for nearly 2 weeks. I lost purpose even in my yoga practice and in running. I didn't want to go out. What was the point? Where would I go? Who the hell wants to see me? I sure as hell didn't even want to see myself.
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My Biggest Pet Peeve: The “I’m Worried About You.”

Have you ever gotten this phrase through a loved one or a friend? Wow, does it ever irk me. Wait...what makes you think worrying about me makes my situation better? If a)I'm not worried about myself and b) I'm already doubting myself, what good does it do to put forth that negative, unstable energy in my field to amplify it? The other day, when I admitted to a friend some of my struggles and her seeing me so upset, she simply stated, "I'm not worried about you."  And in that moment, I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me...
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I Didn’t Know How to Articulate It.

I didn’t know how to articulate it. The upset stomach. The feeling of anticipation and dread that had my forehead fraught with wrinkles. The beating of my heart so fast, and the spinning of my thoughts. Anxiety. View this post...
when everything looks fine, you think that person is fine. And sometimes when something looks wrong, things are are not necessarily wrong but perfectly fine

When Everything Looks Fine.

Last night, I had a dream. I had a dream that my little sister, 13 years old, was suicidal. She was carving out in the wall that separated our two rooms (her bedroom and mine), a suicide note. I distinctly...

My Thoughts on Electroshock Therapy

Hello m’fitties! You all know the importance of being mentally fit as you are physically fit through a series of articles I’ve written. The body will achieve what the mind believes, so if you want to get that dream body,...
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I Am NOT Put Together, Okay?

“Gosh Linda, you seem so put together, like you have your life together!” Oh. My. God. Nononononononono. This is the reaction I get often when I talk of what I dream my future to be–and what I want to do...

Ways We Try to Control

“I am at Peace, Thanks to my Trust in the Universe.” Hello  m’fitties! The internet at my school is (actually) better than the wifi at home. I’m blogging away at a standing desk while uploading media files here instead of...
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