No More Overeating_Bingeing

4 Secrets to Mindful Eating

I've been open about my history with over/binge eating and after adopting healthier habits and a sugar-free, keto-paleo lifestyle, it's gotten a lot better. However, during times of stress I still find myself circling back to what's not serving me; I refuse to go back to the days of being elbow-deep in a nut butter jar, feeling full and sick to my stomach, sweaty and fraught with anxiety and shame. I know I'm better than treating myself like that. In this video, I share with you 4 intentions I'm adopting. ..
Michelle pilates workout

Dear Universe,

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Linda | Life Coach + Speaker (@thefitty)   Every day, I set an intention. I speak with the universe through meditations and through journaling. I pray for high vibes, the confidence...

Ways We Try to Control

“I am at Peace, Thanks to my Trust in the Universe.” Hello  m’fitties! The internet at my school is (actually) better than the wifi at home. I’m blogging away at a standing desk while uploading media files here instead of...
shanti meditation bowl

2 Quick Ways To Alleviate Anxiety

Have you ever struggled with journaling, or are running out of inspiration on how to journal? I’ve been there. There are so many different types of journaling out there when I did research but I’ve only done one: the one...

4 Ways to Zen Out

Ohmmm… Can you feel the vibe? Ever since researching Adrenal Fatigue and its relationship with the spleen, which affects menstrual cycle(I have amenorrhea due to emotional stress), I have decided for myself that I need to find peace within myself...
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