Want abs like mine? I’ve compiled some of my favourite, secret-ish moves that I use to get strong abs. And, paired some some great eating and cardio sessions, you can shed off the fat and get a defined look. So...
Selfie Post 14k Run


Oh my Gosh, I did it. I freakin, freakin freakin DID IT! I ran 14 kilometers today in 1 hour, 25 minutes. If you don’t want the whole novel I'm about to launch into, here’s the short form: I did it fasted It was windy outside I went to the track and ran 6 laps (1 fast, 1 recovery x 3 and then 3 more laps) I ran the park loop twice I ran on pavement I got blisters on my feet I’m so happy I could die! I didn’t intend to even run today when I woke up, seeing the -10 degree Celsius sign on my phone. Then I checked the “real feel” rating which read -6, and a part of me sighed in relief, knowing I could run in that temperature. Another part of me gulped as I threw the sheets over my sleep-heavy body again, closing my eyes. I was ready for the long run. I was still slightly sore from Friday’s speed round at school, but if Tina Muir could do it, I could do it too. Besides, today was Sunday. I had the entire day yesterday to rest up. It took another 15 minutes of lying in bed, thinking about boy-cut hairstyles and bathing in bath salts till I got up and about. As I headed out the door, I hesitated with deciding what to wear. Would it be too cold to head out in a t-shirt, hoodie, and leggings? That’s what I’m wearing indoors, but I’ll warm up as I start to run, right?
What happened when I gave up exercise for 10 days

What Happened When I Gave Up Exercise For 10 Days

It sucks to get super ripped only to fall off the wagon and backtrack permanently--having something for a short period of time doesn't mean a thing as working slower and being more restful and keeping the results you get. If you want to go hard and have the energy to do so, make sure you give yourself the rest it needs so IT CAN DO SO! And you won't feel like crap all the time before your workouts and maybe even actually look forward to exercise like you look forward to sex. hmm? ;)
the 100 workout


Hey Fitties! How’re ya doing? It’s the start of the second semester at school(more on that another day) and I’m still blogging only once a week, which gives me much more freedom to live my life and produce better content....
8 minute hiit workout

8 Minute HIIT Workout!

Does this thumbnail look familiar? It’s from one of my past #LIPlinkups, if you’ve been following my posts closely. I wish I knew how to make a printable for this workout but you’ll have to just do with the video....

Hardest Squat: The Ballet Squat

Forget squats. I plié! I think we underestimate ballet way too much. I know I did. Before taking classes I knew it was going to be hard for someone with little coordination and techinical skills, but I never in my...
sad selfie

Challenging My Anxiety Around Exercise

Hello Fitties! I’m going to share with you something very personal and I hope that you approach it without judgement with rather with open arms and support. Pretty please? Okay. Deep breath. Where do I begin? Alright. I love exercise....

Flat Abs in 10!

Want flat abs? Put down the chips! Grab a water bottle! Grab a towel because it’s time to sweat!! This workout is only 10 minutes long and I’ve put together some of the best moves for toning and heart pumping....
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