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How to Exercise SECRETLY

Okay, I admit, they’re not exactly SECRET, but they are pretty discrete or easy to do in movement-restricting clothes, perfect for those date nights or party outfits. And when you’re waiting for your date/friend/friend with benefits and they’re late. (Let’s...
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Why I Took a Deload Week

Hey, hello, hi m’fitties! How are ya’ll doing? Back in the second week of May, I took a week of lighter exercise, much similar to the 10 days I gave up exercise except incorporating some aerobic activity/weight training here and there....
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How to Skip a Workout and NOT Feel Guilty?

What if you could let go of a missed workout and still feel okay, still feel sane? The truth is, you're still in control of your life. Don't let a checklist control you. Don't let your training control you. Don't let a workout program dictate your life! So how to do overcome the guilt? How I did it, and you can see in the video...
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Pumpkin + Yoga = Poga.

Hi. Notice anything different on my side bar? That’s right–a new icon. Also, I changed the favicon (that little image right next to the address bar of a site) to a headshot of me. Do you like it? Hope ya’ll...
Top 5 Tips on the Kind of Exercise to Choose for Yourself

Top 5 Tips on the Kind of Exercise to Choose for Yourself

Different people have different reasons for wanting their bodies to burn some calories. Maybe you want to lose some extra weight, help maintain your current shape, or you are just exercising to enhance your general health and physical fitness. Whatever your motivation, it is important that you choose an exercise program that is suitable for your body and situation...
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