13 Mantras for Trusting the Universe

Namaste, m’fitties! I found these profoundly helpful whenever I’m caught up in my own worries, doubts, and fears; I came up with these in my journal when I was having bouts of bad temperaments. I hope you find these helpful....
13 mantras for trusting the universe

5 Ways To Find Grace Over Grit

I was invited on to Jennifer’s live a few weeks ago under her Instagram live series; Coaching in 5! I admire her work and support her; we have similar visions in our coaching in that we help empower women step...
me thoughtful

A Lesson In Waiting

If you’re waiting in anxiety, whether that be from a friend, feedback from judges (hah, hello acting major), or anything else, this message is for you. I HAVE to share with you this soul session I had with a friend/client...
longing look far away

The Words that Healed Me

In a desperate time of need, I reached out to someone that I met in previous job on facebook and her words really touched me deeply. They rang so true, and were so healing; I must share this message with you. I forgot when I said exactly, but this was her response:
your mind is a garden affirmation

8 Mantras For Inner Peace

Going through emotional turmoil can be hard, especially alone. I don’t always want to pull out my camera to film when I’m crying, when I’m throwing a tantrum, when I binged, when I journal, etc. etc. I don’t always want...
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