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Addiction Relapse + Dealing with Loss // Post Graduate Life

I didn't have value (because that was what was congruent with the facts of my reality at the moment). I gave up on myself. For a short while I gave up on everything, and everyone. I didn't shower for nearly 2 weeks. I lost purpose even in my yoga practice and in running. I didn't want to go out. What was the point? Where would I go? Who the hell wants to see me? I sure as hell didn't even want to see myself.
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Dear Universe,

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Linda | Life Coach + Speaker (@thefitty)   Every day, I set an intention. I speak with the universe through meditations and through journaling. I pray for high vibes, the confidence...
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I Am NOT Put Together, Okay?

“Gosh Linda, you seem so put together, like you have your life together!” Oh. My. God. Nononononononono. This is the reaction I get often when I talk of what I dream my future to be–and what I want to do...
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Life As an Actual Actress

Hello m’fitties! I love getting to know people–it’s why I love coaching. It’s why I listen to podcasts. Tell me a story! I love going on youtube and listening to stories of how couples met, how people achieve their level...
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The Private Diary Entries

The private diary series is one series I love writing on the blog, and it also gets a lot of reads as well.I’m willing to share some selected journal entries from my own personal diary; these are raw, incohesive thoughts,...
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