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Life Lessons (from 2023)

It shouldn't feel like "hustling" to belong. This is how about embracing one's truth, authenticity, and beauty—both visible and felt—are key life lessons for 2023. Offering chances, letting go of the past, and seeking genuine connections remind us to live fully. Trust in life's flow, unshackled by materialism or labels, leads to providence and the freedom to truly soar.
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What I’ve Been Working On BTS…

Come here to listen, to dance, to celebrate, to mourn, to spill, to rock yourself awake, to be, and taste the ectasy of all the magic that lies within you and harness it. You'll find stories to bring along with you during your day, peptalks that ignite your power, meditations that ground your soul into your body, and healing space for the heart. Get creative, get raw, and come soak up some solace and joy. Come return to a place of what we're born to do--humaning.
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Breakdown to Breakthrough + Body Image

When I exited the hotel room that morning, T could see that I was in distress. I tried to not say anything and make a beeline to checkout, but he asked, "Are you okay?" And I couldn't bring myself to say yes. He gave me a hug and I teared up. All the worms I didn't want to face came rushing up to the surface and I choked on my breath. "I just want to stop hating myself." I sobbed.
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4 of The Best Alpstein Hikes

Back in May 2022, I traveled in Switzerland for a good 3 months. In the last 2 months, I did many hikes in Alpstein, near the Appenzell area. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? With so many trails and mountains and...
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