I’m in Switzerland.

Okay, so.

This is really happening. I left May 1st, landed on May 2nd in Zurich, and began my adventure. I’ve never had such a buge panic attack in my life the day I left; my original flight (which was supposed to go out on May 2nd) was cancelled without my knowing (I was scammed) and I booked a last minute ticket 5 hours before the plane took off to go to Switzerland. A part of me said, I needed to be on that flight; no waiting. no more days. Time is out. You’re about to fly.

And I did.


I thought Switzerland was beautiful.
It surpassed my expectations.
I am way too tired to write a detailed update right now, between vlogging and taking photographs, and living in the moment, but when I do, it’ll be up on here, tha blog, and also youtube.
Ask me any questions, I’ll answer them in a q and a video.
I’ve manifested many miracles:
❤️ Friendships with a local that I met on a hike who wants to support my trip to the famous mountain, Jungfraujoch. He told MANY animated stories of his legendary hikes with such vigor and vitality that I couldn’t believe he was 54 years old!
❤️ The helpfulness of the locals here. Well they may not be the same type of friendly and warm as North Americans, they are extremely well at what they can do and if they can help you, they will see through to it to the very end. The Swiss are people with high integrity.
❤️ I get caught up in my thinking sometimes, and caught up in the expectations that I have around diet / exercise / productivity/capitalizing on every transaction spent, then I see it for what it is and my mind becomes more peaceful. More on this later in a blog post.
❤️ I can’t wait to meet up with some carnivores here!
❤️ All the water is extremely pristine and clean and amazing.
❤️ There are no air conditioning. In fact, it’s quite rare. I am absolutely appalled but I was prepared for this.
❤️ All attractions close generally around 5:00 p.m. people here live a lifestyle they enjoy, and work / productivity / the money come second.
❤️ Your backyard is a hiking scene.
❤️ I haven binged, and don’t plan on bingeing. I sure hope not, but also I’ve let go of my agenda that my actions and results and diet has to be a certain way or else I won’t feel okay. I have begun to care less. If I gain weight, whatever. I’m tired of dragging myself through this. I just want peace and freedom.
❤️ My sleep has spontaneously improved. After two and a half years of insomnia ever since covid starting, and rocking my brain trying every solution out there, even eating carbs, I gave up and let life just lead me and deal with the insomnia Day by day. But somehow, somewhere, a miracle has happened and–knock on wood–but I think my sleep has begun to start fixing itself. I can fax asleep within 45-90 minutes and if I wake.uo.in the middle of the night I fall back asleep within 60 minutes; this is a HUGE improvement from spending 4 hours every night tossing and turning, eventually eating at night to pass the time away out of pure madness and a silver of insane hope that the sugar would pass me out. I have no scientific explanation why this has suddenly healed, nor do I need one. It’s not necessary, just trust it. It’s here. Life is living me. Life is bringing this to me. Life is bringing me all of these things. And if life takes it away again, I know I need to trust that too.
And much more to come in the blog.
More later. <3 I want to live more of the moments.