The Most Vulnerable Video I’ve Ever Made

Hello Beautiful Soul…I just published a really raw heart-and-soul, the most vulnerable video I’ve ever made of every turmoil I’ve felt on the inside, the journey of 2021 that has me falling on my knees. It’s messy, and hopeful and strange and scary. I come to you today bearing no cover; just naked skin. I’m holding my breath as I allow these feelings to rush to the surface.

I’m scared. I felt like I needed to create this and share it so it heals me, and frees me from shame if I expose it to light. Anything that has shame, I want to expose eventually, to the light.
I expose everything from hating myself, tearing apart myself apart over body image/weight, and feeling lost. 2021 was the darkest year for me. It was more painful than 2020. I really fell into an abyss.
May I share it with you? Would you take the time to receive it in its nakedness, vulnerablility, in its entirety when you have a chance? If you do, thank you so much for your time, and thank you in advance for receiving it in a space of nonjudgement and unconditional love + positive regard.

Shame. Guilt. Dispair. Vulnerable. Open. Afraid.

In heart and soul,