8 Facts You’d Never Guess About Me

Hello m’fitties!

Get to know me a bit today, since I haven’t done one of these (I think…EVER) and some of you are new to my energy. 🌸 (in that case…Say hello in the comments and tell me one thing about yourself. Don’t be a stranger!)

❣️My idea of decluttering is really fun. I love organizing + checking out people’s stuff! I’ve offered decluttering services for friends.

❣️I eat raw chicken. I eat 95 percent of everything, (which is mainly meat) raw. I don’t even need a stove at this point 😂

❣️If I’m not in grubby clothes (leggings and a T-shirt), then consider it me dressing up.

❣️I have insanely good skin and no skincare routine. I adhere it to my diet and lifestyle.

❣️The first signs of me becoming agitated at you is me becoming resentful.

❣️I’m not a flaky person and I detest flakininess. When I’m in, I’m all in. When I’m out, I’m out, and I make that clear to people and I expect that in return. I think deeply about commitments before I make them, because I…

❣️Say what I mean and MEAN WHAT I SAY. I’m a thoughtful person.

❣️One of my biggest love languages is words of affirmation, and gifts. (I do love acts of service too!)

🌸 Can you relate to any of these?:)

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