Are You MANIPULATING Life? Or Living Freely?

❤️ What is true freedom? Is it manipulating your circumstances so that the outcomes are always in your favor? How foolproof is that? Not very, and this is what I’ve had to learn.

❤️Are you managing your life, or are you living it? Do you have to manage every part of your life, control every part of your life, manipulate every part of your life so that you can be happy? How stressful is that?!

❤️Do you feel free having to manage all of that? Having to SUPERVISE your life?

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Apply this perspective to your relationships, apply this to your diet / exercise goals, apply this to your job.. and most of all apply this in relationship to yourself. 💖

➡️ Let me know in the comments below how you see true freedom where you once couldn’t!

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