LMNT Giveaway! + Life Update

Oh, what have I been up to lately?

Remember the #LifeInPictures movement I did way, wayyyyyyy back in the beginning phases of blogging? Well, let’s bring that back.


What’s the theme of the “In Pictures” Blog button? It’s simple: take as many pictures as you want throughout the week or day to recount the things you did instead of using text. Your readers are left with only visuals to guess whatever happened! It is fairly simple and less time-consuming compared to regular posts. Avoid typing anything, really! This blog hop launches officially on July 4th 2014.

I’ve been journaling when I feel called to. These journal prompt questions were super enlighening!

journal diary mantras affirmations body image manifestation law of attraction

Since gaining weight, I’ve been turning to mantras and affirmations. I’ve found these most helpful.

journal diary

And writing letters I won’t send. <3

What’s your favourite cut of steak, and how well do you like it done?

Current favourite food: sashimi. Especially butterfish, salmon belly, and hamachi.

^this is a good SNACK.

sashimi butterfish sushi wa

Canada day firecamp. 🙂

I love interior decor.

Snagged some good deals for new shoes at the shoe outlet. Each was ~$30 CAN!

I’m helping him out for his film project for school.

I eat cilantro straight up like a cow eats grass.

It’s good to see you again; I never thought I’d hear from you again!

And now the moment you’ve been waiting, for, the LMNT giveaway!

Electrolytes are super important; I’ve faced so much fatigue and lack of balance or mental cognition when I didn’t get the proper amount especially post exercise, or on a hot summer’s day when I sweat it all out. I almost fainted once and  my heart was pounding out of my chest like crazy. Electrolytes are important for heart, nervous, and overall health; they mainly compose of potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

I’ve seen a lack of high quality, no-bs electrolyte powders out there. Most have fillers and are loaded with sugar. But, LMNT has KILLED IT!

lmnt electrolytes

Check out their ingredients:

100mg sodium, 200mg potassiu, 60mg magnesium.

They use stevia to sweeten, and each packet packs just 5-10 calories. I’m sold! THEY LEGIT TASTE GREAT. My favourite is chocolate salt. When I saw the flavour I was like, whaaaattt? How do you make THAT taste with just little calories?

LMNT, you did good. Ya did good.

And, their customer service is *chef’s kiss*. I love how friendly and responsive they are. Here’s your chance to win! And you can also choose to purchase them on their website.

lmnt electrolytes

Ways to enter (each counts as an entry!):

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