Get to Know Me: The Interview That Never Published.

Well, the title says it all, doesn’t it?

I was interviewed by a lovely local blogger who was looking to feature more people on her blog; things got busy, and she hasn’t been able to do so (in fact, she’s no longer blogging now that I take a look) and didn’t go forth with the interview series. So…it’s being published here! Enjoy the 411, m’fitties!

Originally, this was supposed to be published on May 24, 2018, so keep in mind that these answers pertain to that time!

Name: Linda G

Location: Toronto Ontario, Canada

Social Handle: IG: @thefitty YT: @thefitty

Let’s Get To Know You…

  1. Let’s say we are stuck in an elevator on our way to a rooftop party. How would you introduce yourself and what you do?

Hi! I’m Linda! I love yoga and everything wellness. I YouTube and studied acting in university. I’m searching for more in life and a deeper connection to myself with others and I hope to travel someday; anywhere would be great since I’ve only ever been to China and Canada but preferably somewhere cold since I like cold weather. I have a pretty fantastical mind. I’ve gone through some harsh things in life that makes me super passionate about mental health and wellness and have a bigger heart than ever. I enjoy making other people happy; I want to learn so much about your life.

I hope we can be friends!

  1. Tell me what is the inspiration behind your blog and what motivated you to start?

I originally started blogging on tumblr in middle school to document my health journey. I wanted an online diary to look back on to see what I’ve done, how far I’ve come, and giggle at the little things going on in my mind. Also, because of the nature of tumblr, I could share my thoughts with others so that was an added benefit over journal-writing. Today, I enjoy both(super private things go in my journal and things I’m willing to share go on my blog)! At some point I started making longer posts, and found that I really liked writing! I do it to document my own health journey and also inspire others to start their own.

  1. What advice can you share with the younger generations who are looking to join the blogging world?

Remember who you’re blogging for! Don’t forget why you started–that will keep you going in the long run and keep you from veering off your path. You’ll always have something to talk about.

  1. Beside running the blog and your day job, how do you balance work and life?

I always have a morning routine and night time routine–I start and end the day by myself. In the evening, I prep for the next day (pack all my supplies if I am going somewhere, meal prep, clean up, etc) then check my phone and stretch a bit if there’s time; then lights out. I wind down. And in the morning I start my day off with a productivity podcast and go for a run! I keep a planner with me to write down the different errands I do each day and block off specific days that are slower paced and more leisure; those days are important so that I don’t burn out. I make sure that I’m having social interactions with people and going out on a normal basis so I maintain some level of external stimulation that programs my brain differently–these new things keep me curious and interested so my life isn’t monotone, day in and day out.

  1. When you started this journey what challenges were you faced and how are you able to conquer it?

My parents were definitely not support of my lifestyle change, and that broke my heart! I was also really rebellious at the time, so I would do things out of ego just to “hurt” them. In the end, I sometimes ended up hurting myself(I ended up in the hospital at one point and the back of a police car another)!

To be honest, I kind of had to “sneak around” healthy meals. For example, instead of eating the fried noodles my mom packed, I would pack something alternative, like a sandwich or salad, and place that in my backpack to eat at lunch instead of the one my mom packed. As far as they knew, I was eating what they cooked!

When I moved out, I made my own rules and had the freedom to do what I wanted; I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. wore what I wanted; went to sleep when I wanted. Boy, that was freeing. And it was a good thing I developed healthy habits that were true and authentic to who I was earlier on when the university life fruitioned. While everyone else was constantly broke and living pay check to pay check and paying for fast food meals on campus, I knew how to cook at home, grocery shop for myself and save enough money to splurge on adventures here and there.

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  1. Everybody deals with stress differently. Do you have an advice on how to deal with stress better?

Sleep sleep sleep! And a healthy diet and daily exercise. But start with sleep–because without it your body doesn’t’ have the time or strength to recuperate and get you in a good mood to crush those things on your to do list–and procrastinating contributes to more stress, no? 

Take your mind off of whatever it is that’s stressing you out and have some creativity time–that can be an art session but I would say chatting and laughing with girlfriends is a great destresser, or sweat it out alone circuit style. Get it OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM by doing something! Come back to the task feeling refreshed and renewed and more level-headed, you know?

  1. How did you determine your blog style, tone and voice?

Just exactly  how I am in person–articulate, compassionate, serious, sentimental and sometimes a bit sarcastic, haha. I think, “how would I talk to a friend?” That’s how I present myself on my blog as well. I do have to go back and proofread and edit what I write sometimes though, because when my thoughts flow they make sense in my head, but to others are incoherent and totally random.

  1. Who are your biggest influencers?

Cassey Ho, Kalyn Nicholson, Sarah’s Day <3 They are all fitness/lifestylists that I admire so darn much. 

  1. What’s the best advice you have ever received when you started the blogging journey?

It doesn’t have to be perfect! Done is better than perfect, and you learn along the way. Don’t let the fear of having to get everything done and “right” all at once stop you from ever starting. It can seem overwhelming, but it’s really so exciting. Take the 1st step.

And–Be authentically you. Share your own thoughts. Blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore but rather something you enjoy! Blog about what people ask you about, if you’re feeling stuck on what to write.

Oh–also, snap photos using natural daylight. It makes a HELL of a difference.

  1. If there is one thing you want to do right now, what would that be?

TRAVEL <3 And lounge around in a fancy 5 star hotel! Oh, there goes my daydreaming again…

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This or That?

  1. Instagram Stories or Facebook Live?

IG STORIES! How does one even Facebook Live?

  1. Live in the City or Escape in an Island?

Hmm…can I have both? Maybe city.

  1. Host an event or Speak in a conference?

Speak in a conference! I love talking; if I know what I’m talking about 🙂

#Dear18 Campaign

  1. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to your 18 years old self?

Things will happen FOR you, not TO you. And all wounds heal with time–I promise.

  1. What’s one good thing in your generation that you wish for the next generation to carry forward?

The search for self-actualization of my generation! My parents’ generation was one of money and survival and that’s why they pushed me to become a doctor or lawyer,, but I think we are so past that now that we can vibrate at higher frequencies to empower each other and create a culture, a community, a….heart-connection. HEART work, not HARD work.

Have you ever been interviewed? What’s one thing we have in common? 🙂