I Began Thanking My Toilet.

That’s right. You read the title right. I’ll explain.


Life is still… settling. thank you for being here with me. Through the highs and the lows. I’ve released some weight emotionally and physically (3lbs) from my last weight gain video update, did some self healing, made some new friends, cleared out a few things in my room and…

I started saying thank you to arbitrary things.

🌟Like when the toilet flushes.

🌟Like when the GPS tells me how far I have to go and when to make a right turn.

🌟Like when the microwave beeps.

🌟Like even when my alarm to wake me in the morning goes off.

🌟I say “GOOD MORNING” to each and every single living being I pass on my morning run.

🌟And it has made my life a little lighter, a little more light hearted.

Psssstttt….A dash of humour is the secret ingredient in your life recipe. 💗