13 Mantras to Help Trust Yourself and the Universe More

Namaste, m’fitties. I invite you to tap into these Mantras 3 times daily (pick 2-3) and affirm them right at the beginning of the day, midday, and before bed. Dedicate 60 seconds to 2 minutes each time with one hand over your heart, and closing your eyes. 🙂

You’ll begin to feel more at ease. I promise. <3

EASE UP on the resistance. DO the work. This moment is meaningful. The work just flows through on its own and gets itself done. The work gets done by itself. The work gets itself done.

Man, when I first got this download, it was through a coaching session with my own coach. Seth Godin talks about this in his book, The Practice. I can’t wait to get my hands on it to read!

How can I be more OPEN to this (thing, idea, energy)?

Open your mind and heart to something more, and the more magic you’ll create in your life.

I BELIEVE AND USE the EFF outta the placebo effect!


I want to study this effect more and use it to my advantage.

What do I have to GAIN out of this __?

There is no situation in which there is not SOME sort of pro.

I believe in magic. I’m strengthening my faith muscle, and my alchemy skills. I choose not to dabble in doubt / pessimism.

What thoughts you choose to focus on will grow and expand. That is the law of attraction!

Remember Shawn Stevenson’s ghrelin study on lite vs full calorie foods? POWER OF THE PLACEBO!

I listened to a podcast episode from Shawn Steven’s The Model Health Show (I freaking love that show!) on a control group who ate the normal version of a food, and told so, and an experimental group who also ate the same. Actually, they told the experimental group that they were eating the lite calorie version but stealthily fed them the full calorie version.

Guess what happened? The group that believed they were actually eating the lite calorie when they were eating the full calorie version ABSORBED LESS CALORIES FROM THE FOOD. What?! The placebo effect is NUTS! 😀 Use this to your advantage on your plate, and off your plate in other areas of your life.

Your NATURAL state is one of being lean, happy, having great sleep, boundless energy, and abundance of wealth.

It’s your birthright! You needn’t try to search outside of yourself; you already possess it. Just rest in knowing this is fact. I learned this from The Little Book of Big Change and also The Little School of Big Change (enter THEFITTY to get $50 off!); where spirituality meets neuroscience.

This is only temporary.

An often touted one, but very true.

I can do hard things!

Love Glennon Doyle.

I invite all answers and solutions to come to me into my life. Insights and downloads will come at the perfect time. My job is only to be an open vessel for them to arrive.

Another teaching that I found after reading The Little Book of Big Change and enrolling in The Little School of Big Change (enter THEFITTY to get $50 off!).

I tap I to my projector superpowers!

The projector superpower in human design (if you like horoscopes and such) is to manifest everything they desire by attracting them, not hustling to get out and “get” it.

Take your foot off the breaks and allow momentum to eventually come. When you disengage the resistance, you allow momentum to take you. One movement NATURALLY leads to the other. You don’t have to grind.

I use this towards chores, tasks, and runs that I have anxiety/dread towards. One movement naturally initiates the other; it’s how we dance and flow through life!

I forgive myself for not doing XYZ because____ and that allowed me to…

Daily self forgiveness; I talk about this in my journaling post! It allows me to release emotional weight and move towards what I want without heaviness.

I truly hope these mantra have brought you the joy that it has brought me! Which one is your favourite? Comment below!