Oh,What To Do For My Birthday in Lockdown?

Today’s post is short and sweet, and a bit of a plea for suggestions.


me wondrous hiking

Mount Nemo Hike back in 2020

Here in Toronto, nothing is open except takeout. I was really, really hoping that this year I would be able to go see attractions, travel somewhere (like Vancouver again!)

I was browsing my old wishlist for Christmases and birthdays and can’t seem to find any item that would spark as much joy as an experience. After all, I want to creating lasting memories, not nessesarily gather matterial items (I’m actually trying to become more minimalistic). Perhaps releasing physical items can helo me shed some weight on my mind bogging me down, and also lose some pounds (especially those 15 pounds I gained)?

I guess the only thing any of us can do this year is instead of going places and planning trips, we can resort to materialistic gifts. It’s not nessesarily a bad thing! It’s what I’ll be resorting to…

Oh yeah, I should have mentioned it by now; I’m turning 24 on the 28th of April. I’m a Taurus! Rawr! Not on the cusp, but splat right in the middle; there’s no denying it. Tauruses are earth elements; we are loyal, headstrong, stubborn, grounded, love luxury and materialism, and are deep and passionate people.

I certainly feel like a Taurus.

I’m also born the year of the Ox according to the Chinese Zodiacs, and this year marks the year of the Ox! Oy! Mom, dad, does that mean I should be getting extra red pocket money? xD

Kidding. I didn’t get any, and we have a strained relationship(basically I’m treated as if I’m disowned) (father and I don’t talk, mother and I chat on occasion and I place boundaries). And you know what? It’s healthier this way; even though I long for a motherly and fatherly love and won’t ever know what that’s like, moving out was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I was suffucating living with them.

Okay so I need your help…


I would like to not spend it binging on youtube and food, sulking in bed. <3 (I say this very light heartedly but this actually is really painful for me).