Bone Broth Latte // Bulletproof Soup

Namaste, m’fitties!

Are you a bulletproof coffee lover? How about a foam lover? Soup lover? YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS:

foam latte cappucino froth


foam latte cappucino froth

All you need is:

Place a 1:1 ratio of broth to nut milk, add 1/2 tbsp of oil if you’re using, and click on.


foam latte cappucino froth

I’m all about simple recipes. I don’t have the most cleanly, pristine kitchen and I don’t enjoy staying trapped at home so I want to be in and out! I live in a house full of strangers. I have my own private 1-bedroom.

This recipe is super nutritious for your gut, skin, hair, and nails from all that collagen in the bone broth. I like making my own hearty ones from old animal carcasses by throwing them in the crockpot and cooking it overnight.

You. Have. Got. To. Try. This. #prettyplease and tag me @thefitty on instagram!

Anyyyyyy whoooozies.

Two new supplements I’m curious about from Dr Vitamin Solutions are the Lipo-Gen from Metagenics (a top brand I trust!) and Pharma Defense Blood Sugar Control.

lipo-gen metagenics, blood sugar supplement

The Lipo-Gen is to help support healthy liver and gallbladder function. I have no problem with either organ, but it’s always nice to have some extra support for the liver; she does so much for us! She’s our #1 detox organ and does over 400 other functions in the body, two of which are to produce energy and filter out toxins. This blend has in it Vitamin C, B6, B12, Choline, Inositol, Taurine, Folate, and a blend of herbal extracts that aid liver function. It’s gluten free and non-GMO, as I expected from Metagenics. It’s one of the top quality brands I trust.

Being on a keto-carnivore diet, I sure as hell don’t have a problem with blood sugar control, but I also find it nice to have extra support to maintain steady levels. The Pharma Defense Blood Sugar Control may help mitigate meals that spike blood sugar more (if you have a lot of protein in one go, or eat carbs, let’s say) by providing a more steady time-release of insulin. By doing this, it helps reduce food cravings by reducing blood sugar crashes. The active ingredient in this capsule is Humulone.

So! These are my eats recently.

How do you like your latte? What milk do you use? Do you own a frother?