How To Prepare For The Menopause

**this is a post not written by me and contains affiliate links.**

Okay, first off; I AM NOT ON MENOPAUSE.

I thought this post would be informative for those of m’fitties who are, or know someone who is!

Enjoy this little ~off-the-usual~ blog post 😀 I promise these are little sparks few and far in between regular scheduled positivity/wellness/lifestyle posts!

We all know how important it is to stay as fit and healthy as possible for our entire lives. If we can do this, it means that some conditions that can develop as we get older won’t bother us, or will be held back for longer. Unfortunately, one thing that cannot be held back no matter how fit and healthy you might be, is the menopause. This change in hormones is something that will affect all women to some extent or another, and although it can’t be bypassed, it can be prepared for. Here are some ways to do it. 

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Speak To Your Doctor 

For the best advice when it comes to the menopause and what you should be looking out for in terms of symptoms, how it might manifest and make you feel, and what can be done during the process (which can last for months) so that you can continue to enjoy a normal life, speak to a doctor. They will know all the ins and outs and be able to give you the right information for you, taking into account your own medical history as well as any specific questions you might have. 

If you haven’t started to have any symptoms yet, you might not be prescribed any medication, but it’s still good to know about the different types that might be given to you, as well as learning more about hormone replacement therapy (best to avoid this as there’s many adverse side effects; stick with all natural supplements instead!) and other ideas that can help (learn about Benecard PBF and how that can help with your prescriptions) 

Lifestyle Choices

As well as knowing as much as possible about the menopause, you can also make some relatively simple lifestyle choices and changes that will help your body (and mind) be in a better place when the time comes for it to start. 

Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet, <–I advocate a keto-paleo approach, will assist with the symptoms, especially if you include plenty of calcium. You should also exercise regularly (ideally daily) and reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume. 

Lack of sleep is something that can make the symptoms of the menopause feel a lot worse, so it’s crucial that you sleep as well as you can. Unfortunately, the menopause can make that difficult, from raised body temperature to heartburn to mood swings that keep you awake. If you can find sleep techniques that work for you – aromatherapy oils, a hot drink, listening to music, and so on – before you need them, it will be easier when you do. 

The menopause can make women feel very stressed. Not only are their hormones changing, causing mood swings, but this is a big change in their lives; they are going from their child-bearing age into something new. That’s scary and, for many, upsetting. Learning some calming techniques ahead of time is something else that can work wonders not just for you, but for those around you as well. It can be a hard time for them too. 


Find Others

If there is one thing that’s for sure, you know that you are not the only one going through the menopause; millions of other women are experiencing the same thing. It can be useful to find some of these other women and have them as support; you can support them too. Just having someone to talk to can be a wonderful release and relief at this time.

There might be groups in your local community that you can join, but even if there isn’t there will certainly be placed online you can go for this much-needed support.