How I’m Earning Money Leisurely // Honeybee

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Hello m’fitties!

How are ya’ll doing?

Oh, me? Not too much different; I’ve been on a roll with content creation lately, especially when it comes to pep talks on instagram. I have so many you can find here under the IGTV series “peptalks”

Here’s just a few…

When you wish you were someone else…

“I Wish I Was Her.” 🌟 // the law of mirrors

have you ever said this?

When you want to spice up your life…

the YES MAN challenge!

okay, so who seen that Jim Carrey movie called yes man?

well, you’re invited to join me on mine! for the next 7 days, you have to say yes to three different things your spontaneous mind prompts you to try.

When you want to stop a habit…

how to stop #bingeing? drinking? complaining? being so unproductive? being lazy, not exercising?

here’s a hack. ❤️😊

what are your New year resolutions? what habit do you want to let go of? what habit do you want to take on? comment below!

When you need some self loving kindness + forgiveness…

#selfharm#selflove + #addiction…you NEED to hear this message.

this might surprise you, but the most self-loving thing you can give yourself sometimes, is to have ~that~ episode.

the no #guilt. no #shame journey to changing your life starts here. change with grace, because you deserve so much more. 💓

And those are just to name a few.

Besides content creation, I’ve been dabbling in this…

honeybee hub

I’ve been trying out this new platform that I discovered last year, just before the pandemic started. It’s called Honeybee. It’s an online platform that connects you to researchers that are looking for participants in their studies. You contribute to a great cause by participating, and you are eligible for compensation (some of them cash, some of them EMT, some of them are gift cards, or raffles).

Honeybee makes paid research studies accessible by offering a friendly and secure space to connect people with researchers for studies related to health, tech, mental health, cognition and wellness. Honeybee allows you to find studies that interest you and connects you with researchers in one click. All Honeybee studies are ethics-approved and conducted by friendly people who are helping to create new products and services and to solve problems and improve our quality of life. 

Some of these studies are done in person, while others are done online. Of course, ever since the coco virus, I’ve been staying at home, scouting out at-home studies. A lot of them include surveys which can be completed at your leisure. I think I may  have won $30 or so from a study, and that was nice! The interface on the platform is really clear, interactive, and fun. I’ve come across a lot of scam sites offering money back incentives for completing long, drawn-out and lengthy forms and I hated it; Honeybee is the first platform that is legit and reputable/trustworthy, I find.

And while I’m commuting or just bored at home, waiting for the tea to boil or in between errands, why not pop on to complete a study? It’s a leisure way to make extra income. Your participation goes to further research for future health and social initiatives.

I’m also excited for The Little School of Big Change to begin! It starts March 1st and I was inspired to join after reading this book on how to change your life WITHOUT using willpower.

the little school of big change

If you do end up joining, I’d love to offer you $50 off the course with code “THEFITTY“. 🙂 It’d be amazing to see other fitties in the course! It’s all about how to find more flow in life, and takes on a whole new approach in neuroscience…that’s not techy-sciencey-I-don’t-understand-all-this-biochemical-processes concept at all 🙂 It’s something I’m really excited about learning! I’ve spoken to Dr. Amy Johnson and she’s living, breathing this stuff day to day; it still has me baffled at moments!

Have you ever participated in a research study before, and if so, what was it for?