Ways to Keep Your Mouth Happy

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Hello m’fitties! I have an article around oral health today. How many times do you brush your teeth, by the way? I do once a day at the end of the day. Here are some tips…

Set A Timer On Your Phone

Brushing your teeth for two minutes has been the recommendation for a very long time(by the way, I’ve gotten into the habit of doing squats while brushing my teeth!), it gives you a chance to get into all the little nooks and crannies and make sure that all your teeth have a thorough cleaning. It is important as daily cleaning removes plaque and if it isn’t removed it can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Do More Than Brush Your Teeth

A simple brushing is great for the teeth but if you also floss (I’m so bad at this!) it can get any trapped food that may be stubborn and hiding which can cause gum pain and bad breath. You will also want to make sure you have a good quality mouthwash, this then ensures that not only the teeth but the whole mouth is cleaned. An all-natural antibacterial mouthwash is a good way to stay on top of ulcers, infections, and any other gum problems that can arise.

Cut Down On Sugary Snacks And Drinks

I personally don’t eat ANY sugar.

Sugar will do more damage than you think as having your teeth exposed to sugar more often can make tooth decay progress quicker and having too much soda or sugary coffee can discolor your teeth as well. Then you will need to look at teeth whiteners

Seek Dental Medical Attention If Needed

In between checkups sometimes things happen where you may need some professional assistance, like if you feel a loose tooth. Not a tooth that is supposed to be loose if something that you should get looked at. Our adult teeth should last us the rest of our lives so if it becomes loose be sure to be seen as soon as possible, even with regular brushing and checkups these things can still happen as our teeth go through a lot. If you delay or leave it, it can result in your losing your tooth for good. Depending on the cause it can be a few weeks to a few months for it to fully heal so it is best to get checked out and get treated straight away.

Drink Soda And Fruit Juice Through A Straw 

It may sound weird but soda and fruit juice (if you drink fruit juice or soda. I personally don’t!) can ruin the enamel on your teeth which can take away some of the cleanliness feeling and make them look clean and white. By drinking these through a straw you are restricting the contact the sugary and acidic drinks have with your teeth so you are protecting them more than drinking normally.

So there are a few ways to keep your mouth as healthy as possible and knowing when to get professional help if needed. So buy a new toothbrush, get the floss and mouthwash and make sure you do it twice a day to protect your mouth and your teeth.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth?