A Different Kind of Covid-mas, + Farmway Foods

Hey! Hello! Hi! M’fitties, how are ya?

How’s 2021 been so far? What’s the situation in terms of freedom/restriction where you are? Here in Toronto, we’re still amidst a lockdown until further notice. Nothing is open except for essential services and takeout. Gatherings are limited to 10 people or less. I have faith that come spring, things will definitely start to open back up again; until then; I have a hunch things will be opened for a few days, then closed for a few days on and off.


*slurps soup latte*

I didn’t get to do what I wanted to do, which is tradition each Christmas (and that’s to go door to door offering home-baked goods and a Christmas carol), but I still did a little something ^.

(^Christmas 2019)

I think this is the first year that people aren’t flooding the gyms as they usually do in January. Speaking of, what are your new year’s resolutions?

Late last year, I had the chance to try some tasty, locally sourced meats from a company called Farmway Foods. They support local farmers by allowing customers to purchase in bulk; this supports both the farmer by ensuring a large, hefty order, and the customer, who gets more bang for their buck than purchasing single cuts.

farmway foods

The delivery is free(in central and southern Ontario), there’s no added hormones or antibiotics, each cut is vacuum sealed (I only wish they perhaps labeled each cut; as it can be hard to differentiate what exactly each item is). II love that they cut it down to sizeable potions! You don’t have to do the butchering yourself as you often do when ordering from the grocery store. They talk about how each animal is raised here. I love that transparency. 

They got chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and fish. Naturally, I am more inclined toward ruminant animals more than anything, so I selected the beef box. 😀

farmway foods 

How does it taste?

I will say, compared to conventional beef I get from the grocery store, it feels cleaner (the way things are packaged and portioned out), fresher, and I DO feel a lot better and appreciative of my food! Especially with the chicken breast (yes, they were kind enough to throw in some extra meats besides beef!), I was surprised at how good it tasted on its own without ANY seasonings! What?! It actually had a good taste plain? Yes, and this is something I don’t find sourcing from grocery stores.

I mean, when you eat raw meat, you gotta go good quality.

Going forwards, I’d love to see 100% grass-fed and 100% pasture-raised meats; their beef is grass-fed, but not grass finished, and some other meats are free-run, or wild. I do like that they’re so confident in the quality of their products that they have a 100% guarantee policy; should there be an issue, they’re willing to replace item-for-item!

I think it’s now more than ever important to support local businesses. The frenzy of 2020 has caused a lot of small business owners to shut their doors; it made me sad to see some of my beloved cafes close down; I wasn’t just a customer to some of them. We were friends. We knew each other. Ever been such a regular that you could simply hit ’em up with, “Hey! The usual for me.”?!

What I also love about Farmway is that they have you CALL IN to have a conversation about your order. Together, you create an order customizable to your interests and needs. There’s a good level of intimacy and cordialness here. I love that.

**I was given product in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated to write a positive review.

Well…enough about my meats. What’s on the end of your fork? 🙂 What’s the situation like where you’re at? Do you subscribe to any boxes? Comment below!