Struggling To Get In Shape? These Tips Will Help!

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Happy Hallow’s Eve, m’fitties!

Losing weight can be a different journey for any of us. Some of us can stick to plans and lose weight carefully. Others may lose a lot of weight too quickly. Many of us can struggle to lose weight at all because we are going about it in the wrong way. Sometimes weight gain can be much more about just piling on the pounds. It can mean hidden and underlying health problems. Sometimes weight gain is to do with postpartum bodies, or even mental stress. After all, many of us have been affected by the global pandemic this year and perhaps eaten more of the wrong things than perhaps we should have done. It isn’t something to think about lightly. 

Weight gain is a big issue, and with a lot of focus on getting back into shape and being more healthy, it may be time you start to do something about it yourself. However, it isn’t just about getting on some extreme diet and losing weight fast. Those things are often unsustainable and you may find yourself in the exact same position as you are now a few months down the line. This is all about a lifestyle change and making conscious decisions to feel better on the inside. If you do that, then getting into shape is easier than you think. With that in mind, here are some of the things that you can think about to help you get back on track. 

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Change your diet

You may think you have tried dieting, and it didn’t work, but sometimes this is because the diet isn’t right for you. It is no good trying to cut something out or change your eating habits if you are not fully on board with it. For example, don’t turn vegetarian if you like meat too much(haha, and I’m CARNIVORE KETO!). Sometimes it’s all about trying a few different methods to find something that works for you. It’s not just about the food but how the diet fits with your lifestyle. It needs to be something you can do without feeling like it is a diet. Sometimes a diet isn’t needed at all, and it’s just a case of eating fresh produce and cutting out processed foods. You can make it as complicated or uncomplicated as you want it to be. But find a plan that suits you in all aspects of your life, not just the food you eat. 

Think about your behaviour towards food

Sometimes a diet isn’t needed at all; it’s more about understanding the relationship you have with food and how you behave. Do you tend to overeat if you’re upset or stressed? Do you eat more of the wrong things when you feel under time pressure? There can be a lot of attributes to increased weight gain that you don’t realise until you look closely enough. You may even be drinking your calories in wine or beer. This could mean that increased weight gain is down to having a dependence on alcohol. You may not be pleased with your findings. But sometimes changing the behaviour you have towards food and drink can have a dramatic affect on your weight and overall lifestyle. The more you focus on this area of your life, the more it could highlight other issues that you may not have been dealing with. 

Exercising more can help

It’s a common thought that exercise combined with a healthy diet can help you lose weight and feel better about yourself. That is true. But it requires you to stick with it and work hard. There are things that you can do to help you start a new exercise regime and looking online to find workouts for specific areas like back and biceps or HIIT workouts is a good place to start. Joining a gym is an option, but it isn’t essential. After all, they can often be part of the problem when it comes to regular exercise as people find the gym more of an effort. Exercising, in theory, means moving more. This can be done by just increasing the number of steps you take each day. You won’t change overnight, so it’s about making small changes to reach the bigger picture. 

Drink more water

It may sound like a small change to make, but water can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing, and it can help you to get back into shape. The more water you drink, the less likely you are going to snack on things that you shouldn’t be. Water can boost your energy levels, improve skin tone and also help with you getting more sleep. The more you drink, the better you will feel. It is part of a healthy balanced lifestyle so just drinking more water and not exercising or eating the right things isn’t going to help. But combining it with the other methods above could help you to feel better on the inside and out (also remember to get in your ELECTROLYTES!)

What do you do when conventional methods don’t work?

Of course, all of the above is fine if it works but sometimes there are hidden health problems that add to continuous weight gain which can make you obese. This is when speaking with health professionals can help you to get some answers. It might be hormone issues, it could be mental health. It might even be down to osiers going on inside that you had no clue about. However, if you have made a conscious effort to lose weight and seen no progress then speaking with a health professional could be the next step to take; you can work with me for coaching to assess your holistic lifestyle!

It is becoming more of a problem as time goes on. But what it comes down to is understanding why you have increased weight gain and tackling that problem head on. It’s easy to bury our heads in the sand, but obesity can have a real damaging effect on your health. Hope these tips help you to get back into shape and change your lifestyle in a positive way!