4 Types of Ego

Helllloooooooo. How’s the quarantine? Doing any self development work? You know I am. I always have–and now I have more time.

I’ve decided I think I want to make a Matt Kahn series, after my last one. 🙂 There are so many golden nuggets here to share, for m’fitties on a spiritual path.

In this most recent episode I tuned into, I took some keynote takeaways.

  • You will be put on the “high” road–> people and opportunities that are testing you to elevate to your next level. You’ll  be surrounded by these opportunities.
  • Those that are willing to love unconditionally know that it’s a one-sided transaction. But this purify your being; heals you.
  • “We don’t love because other people are worth it; we love because WE deserve nothing less.
  • 4 ego types:
    • Righteousness
        • defensiveness, attacking, accusatory
        • attached to outcomes
        • sees a hierarchy; tries to be “better than”
        • people who agree with you –> friend. people who don’t –>enemy
        • judgmental
    • Entitlement:
        • “I shouldn’t have to inconvenience my ego to…”
        • “I will only accept the things I like.”
    • Neediness:
        • I’s never enough. I never feel the way I want to feel, or when I do, it never lasts.
        • the words that other people inspire you to say out loud are primarily the words you need to hear. –> so we get upset when other people don’t listen to us because we’re not listening to ourselvesso we’ve recruited them to listen to us.
        • ALWAYS ends in disappointment because there’s never enough.
    • Victimhood:
        • Everything’s against me.
        • Eye for an eye.


  • Someone wronged you? Respond with kindness. Kill them with kindness.
  • Love is the experience of helping you feel through any feeling.
  • “I apologize; I did not act in my highest conduct/honor” <–even if IT WASN’T YOUR FAULT!
  • Enlightenment is: your level of integrity and what you expect of yourself that doesn’t need to match the unconsciousness of others.

Enlightenment is your level of integrity and what you expect of yourself that doesn’t need to match the unconsciousness of others.




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Mind = blown. Where does he get all these downloads? They’re fabulous.

I hope you’re enjoying these self-development series as much as I am! What’re you reading with your newfound time? Or listening to?