Wait wait, what?

Oh yeah, it’s spiritual to be narcissistic, my empathic friends. 🙂 Let me tell ya why…

Let me tell you something I’ve been studying lately. SomeONE I’ve been studying lately is Matt Kahn. Matt is a spiritual empath, teacher and light worker. He has toured around with this works, giving speeches to other lightworkers and advanced spiritual practitioners new, profound, unparalleled insights. His words really bring me a deep sense of peace during times I cannot fathom the feelings I have about what I’m going through, about myself; he soothes my worries and pain.

I’ve been doing deep dives into his lectures on YouTube lately (they’re usually 1 hour and 45 minutes long!). They’re packed with truth bombs–I am always ready with a pen and paper to take notes. Usually, I watch all videos (like, ever) on 2x the speed, and podcasts I listen to 2-3x the speed.

With his content? Nonononono. Honey, I CAN’T even KEEP UP with the mind-blowing concepts he’s channeling. I listen to it at 1.5x the speed at most, and with lots of re-plays.

His teachings of spirituality stems from the knowledge of higher consciousness, not from the ego as many spiritual teachings do! I think that’s why it rings so true for those of us advanced in our awakenings. It’s hard for me to describe exactly in words what the difference is between the two, but if you’d understand if you tune into one of his lectures.

His video, “You Are The Way” from May 2019 was the latest one I listened to. I have a buddy that I regularly touch base with to share what came up for us during his lectures. It’s great to have a study-buddy! Accountability, anyone? 🙂

I want to share my notes as a summary of this particular lecture–it speaks deeply to empaths.

  • Source of unworthiness: not ENOUGH ego? Should we practice being a little narcissistic, then, us empaths?
  • Ego can be a mechanism/expression of consciousness (ego is not Unconsciousness)
  • “Experience yourself as the greatest desire the universe as to be in person form; you are the universe’s greatest desire.”

  • ^WOW.
  • You want to stop wars and inspire world peace? Then start LIKING YOU.
  • As empaths, THIS (stepping into our powers/egos) is our enlightenment journey. We need to embrace ourselves. Our spiritual journey isn’t about HUMBLING ourselves–even more so than we already do to ourselves (we’ve played small). That would make us feel even MORE inferior.
  • OWN your ego!!
  • Ohh… so that’s why “The Untethered Soul” and “The Power of Now” in which we separate our attachment (<–and this is still a valuable skill to anybody), doesn’t feel good with me as his message does. Those teachings do not make me feel as empowered as things that boost my ego, self-confidence, and value do. The thing is, I DO DESIRE things, its VALID to have them, and I am deserved of not having to have to tolerate not having them (aka detachment from desire)
  • So go ahead and have expectations and desires!!
  • It’s okay to be sad–it takes total emotional FREEDOM to commit to your experience [of emotion here]
  • When you fully commit to your experiences, they won’t hurt as much.
  • If you want to heal fear, you have to actually be afraid. If you want to heal sadness, you first have to BE sad. Don’t psychoanalyze your way out of a feeling. Commit to the feeling/experience. BE it.
  • Letting go, for empaths, can be a form of SELF-DENIAL.
  • 29:05-29:45 OMG hard concept to grasp?!
  • Denying the self–>a common theme in spiritual teachings (i.e. detachment, “it’s not about money, stop wanting that, remove your desires”). It’s not spiritual to deny yourself, play small and humble, dim your light, and be afraid to shine brightly. It’s not spiritual to sacrifice yourself in an act of selflessness.
  • So have likes and dislikes!
  • Haha–> It’s spiritually “in” to HAVE egos now xD You said it, Matt!
  • Your ego is necessary in your ascension.
  • The universe is dressed up as many people–you, me, the person diagnosed with a mental illness(<–just because you have one doesn’t mean you can’t still heal others).

^I don’t agree with this anymore. The ego needs to be integrated to its ascension. At our best, us humans ARE source–our highest selves. At our worst, a not yet evolved ego protecting us from harm on this Earth.

Man, if these were the type of courses I studied in university…BAM, I WOULD LOVE LECTURES THAT MUCH MORE!

Oh bonus–he’s funny too 🙂 Cracks a good joke here and there.

I’m sooooooooooooooooo getting my hands on his newest book “The Universe Always Has a Plan” and his previous, “Everything is Here to Help You.”

Highly recommend if you’re intermediate-advanced on your spiritual paths and familiar with the common spiritual teachings!

Which gurus(fitness, leadership, or spiritual) do you follow?