Overate? Tips to Relieve Guilt and MOVE ON!

Hello m’fitties!

I think we all succumb to negative thoughts about what we consume, especially as females, every so often. And perhaps we do a really great job at analyzing, over-analyzing, beating ourselves up, and shaming ourselves for doing what we KNOW isn’t so good for us, but it doing it anyway. This could be not showing up for yourself, addictions, backing out of commitments, impulse buying, making fear-based decisions, and isolating ourselves.

Ever felt like this?

anxiety sad crying

In the past, I’ve dealt with food addiction. Here’s a part of the story.

Well, the other day, I was flipping through my notes (I’m a journaler!) and saw this:

journal overeat

I must’ve written it the day after an off-day with my diet.

  1. You upped your metabolism!
  2. You reset your leptin levels, which makes you non-food crazed and signals adequate fullness and fat stores.
  3. The bloat you experience is mostly water weight and food weight
  4. This propels you to move forward with your mental capacity at 100% to your diet and exercise, as well as other aspects in your life! You are RENEWED.
  5. You had your cake and ate your way to abs too! (you’re living proof that it’s possible).

You can move through with grit, or you can move through with grace.

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May this serve you, my fitty. Remember, you’re doing SO WELL on this journey.

What are you prone to bingeing on, if you do?