30-Day Before & After Sydney Cummings Workout Program!

Hello m’fitties! Working out from home recently? Have you ever followed a 30-day workout program? Have you heard of Sydney Cummings?

Besides trying the Kayla Itsines program, I haven’t ever adhered to another workout program by calendar. (Okay that’s a lie; I’ve done a 30-day blogilates one and a 30 day yoga one from Yoga with Adriene before). I like going with the flow of how I’m feeling energetically that day, or creating my OWN workout program. I’ve mentioned in the past the types of exercises and my experience doing all of them, as well as the many chapters of my fitness life (aka how it all started!)

I heard about Sydney Cummings through a friend that followed her. Sydney is an American fitness influencer bringing real-time 30-60 minute workouts using equipment like dumbells and resistance bands. They are primarily weights-based and some cardio-esque; each day targeting a different muscle group. I found her at a time I felt lackluster with my own routine and wanted some inspiration. I didn’t think I would ever be the type to follow along to a workout video longer than 30 minutes at a time,  but she has me sometimes doing 70 minutes with her! The minutes fly by faster than I thought they would, and I have a ton of fun doing it.

The only days I skip are Sunday stretch days, since I do my own yoga flow in the evening that day. Usually I pair her workout videos first thing in the morning with a light jog/run outdoors(or often on the spot if the whether permitted so) for 35-45 minutes. I also did yoga daily for ~60 minutes each night. This has been what I’ve been doing the past 30+ days now, and still my routine fitness routine.

So…has my body changed from her workouts?

Well, I’ll save you to watch the video to find out!

What workout programs have you tried before?