Workout Anxiety / Expectation Dread + Life in Photos

Hello m’fitties!

Off to a fresh new start. I’m recounting the best things that’s happened the past months:

  • 3 new girls came to yoga!
  • Stuck to 80% fat in my diet; I mentioned previously I was giving this a go and I’m really lovin’ the amount of butter I can have. Honestly, I’ve made some friendships over at Starbucks and even got down the phrase, “Can I get the usual?” and have the barista wink at me, grab a handful of butter tabs, and give them to me. 🙂

sardines butter tabs

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding when I said I love buttertabs.

  • I met with the miracle worker, Steph, that’s been transforming someone special in my life. That someone special has been so much more understanding, and gracious and enlightened as a person, that I knew I had to meet the person that’s changed her. In February, I finally did, and boy, she’s a good listener. <3
  • I had a photoshoot with a friend! Man, that was a lot of fun ^^ 🙂
  • I tried bollywood for the first time in my life and I LOVED IT. I left the class feeling MORE ENERGETIC than I did going in! I’m attending all. of. the. bollywood. classes. now.
  • I started substitute teaching yoga and pilates at this particular studio, and the students have been LOVIN’ it! They looked so MAD at me at the moment, so at the end of class I asked how they found the class since I was new and they’re used to their regular teacher, and I had amazing feedback! I was pleasantly surprised xD -sigh of relief-

yoga mat studio

  • I’m learning to be more flexible within structure. I have a regime that I follow and rules that I abide by that help me ground and feel good in my mind, space, and body (for example, my diet, my morning routine, my evening routine), and recently I’ve had to maneuver my way around these times and routines to make room for new schedules. For the first few days, it got me really anxious to be out of it–it felt like a funk. It felt uncomfortable and different, but eventually I learned that it was totally okay, I was totally okay, and the world wasn’t going to implode. All is well. I’m super resilient for being so flexible within the parameters. 🙂
  • I discovered Sydney Cummings. Oh. MY. lordy lordy she’s been the best thing I’ve found for fitness since I’ve found Cassey from Blogilates. I’ve been doing her workouts almost daily with dumbbells and it’s been spicing up my workout! I feel challenged, amped up, and mentally stimulated by the novelty of the moves and her energy.

sydney cummings comment

sydney cummings comment

  • If you’re looking for workout anxiety / any expectation anxiety over a certain upcoming things you have to do, then the above message will speak to you, as well as this pep talk:

Takeaway message? Just show up. Honestly, just show up and forget about the results, how much you may have banged out, how you feel afterwards (happy, energetic, or tired); that doesn’t matter. I’m more proud of the fact that you SHOWED UP and flexed that mental muscle called STRENGTH & WILLPOWER than what you actually accomplished. 🙂

  • I found canned foie gras. Oui, oui, oui, madame. Je l’adore!!!

And some other shenanighans from my phone:

tarot cards

i am loveable kimberly yoga wellness show

Do you get expectation hangover, or workout anxiety? How do you respond; by feeling more anxious or depressed about the issue?