At the End of the Day, I Ask Myself These 3 Questions…

Ya’ll know I’m a journal junkie. I always have one on hand wherever I go to jot down notes, insights, and also rip a piece of paper out just. in. case [that cute barista asks for my number].

I find that journaling gets my thoughts helps clear my mind, and questions come up as I write. Questions that lead to me feeling happier about myself. For example, I ask “What am I grateful for today?” and get really specific–I write out an exhaustive list and keep going until I can’t think of anything else! I feel SOO APPRECIATIVE after this. I used to have the 5 minute journal.

acting journal

Similarly, I also ask myself, “What has this taught me?” when I come across an obstacle, such as binge eating, or a job loss.

I connected with a friend the other day who read Judgement Detox, which is one of Gabby Bernstein’s books that I haven’t read yet (The Universe Has Your Back and Super Attractor are my favourites) and I can’t remember if she said she came across these journal prompts from that book or another one, but she shared with me these sentences:

I am proud of myself that…

I forgive myself that…

I am committed to…

Nightly, I ask myself these questions and ponder. It gives me an opportunity to credit myself for the wonderful person I am, an opportunity to forgive myself for negative thoughts that have been spiraling in my head all day, and commit to a better self tomorrow for the things that’ve gone awry in what I needed to forgive myself for.

gratitude journal

Boom! Makes my heart so much more at ease when I hit the pillow.

I hope these prompts help you too! Snap a photo and tag me on social media, if you do!

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What are your most repetitive thoughts at the end of the day?