The Difference Between “Fat Burners” CLA and L-Carnitine

Do you take fat burners?

Hey, no judgement if you do. Just a question 🙂 They could be useful, if you use them in the right way.

Let’s differentiate between the two.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid–a trans fat from animals (different than from plants–if it’s from plants it’s been oxidized, and therefore, harmful) that increases the enzymes involved in fat breakdown. Often found in animal products. There is more CLA in grassfed products than conventional. (example, grassfed ghee has 3-5x more CLA than conventional ghee. AND IT TASTES SO MUCH BETTER TOO)

L-Carnitine— helps shuttle fatty acids to the mitochondria for them to be used as energy.

Obviously, diet and exercise always comes first–no matter what supplements you’re taking, nothing will prove their results without changes to your lifestyle. You’d be wasting your money on these supplementary tools looking for a quick fix that doesn’t happen–I wish I could tell you there was a pill you could take and with the snap of your fingers you banish your fat and instantly get abs, but supplements are just that–secondary.  Eventually taking it too often or too much, your body will build a tolerance to it and not be sensitive to its effects anymore–just like the emotional baseline (WE ALL have this).

Can they help?

Absolutely. Are they the end-all-be-all? No. Trust me, if I found a shortcut, I would have done it a LONGGGGG time ago. In fact, before you take them (and let’s assume you’ve already checked off your diet and exercise), I would look at your lifestyle–are your sleep habits keeping you from losing weight? Is the stress at work just too much to handle? Do you find yourself snacking mindlessly? Are you inhaling obesogens from your synthetic candles when you could be using essential oils (that you could use in your aroma diffuser)? Perhaps you’re even holding onto spiritual/emotional baggage–these are all things that tell the body that it’s not safe to lose weight, that you need to keep this extra weight to cushion and protect yourself from external dangers. I talked a little about this in this video:

On a conscious level, this doesn’t make sense, but your body operates on an intuitive level apart from your higher, logical thoughts. These are things all hold you back from losing weight, so change these factors before implementing any supplement. 🙂 On top of that, you also have a BETTER quality of life when you address these issues, so isn’t that a bonus?!

Something that may help you as well if you’re bloating:

Other resources:

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Have you/do you take fat burners? How have they worked with your body? Did they prove effective? Have you ever taken any BAD supplements that just didn’t jive with you? What about any good ones? Share your experiences!