How to Get Rid of Fear Of Missing Out // PROJECT JOMO!

Life is too short to spend it worrying about what could have. should have, would have been. Don’t you think? What’s meant for us, will not pass us, and if we chose to go down one path that we dislike, the opportunity to change paths will cross again. We don’t have to worry about missing out–we never are.

I talked about this briefly before, and also touched upon it in my January 2020 goals.

Let’s release the guilt, shame, and fear. Those are low-vibe, energy-sucking feelings, and instead focus on what’s truly SERVING us!

What’s important?

Being present. In THIS moment.

Schedule time to think about future.

Carry a notepad with you to jot down things to plan on doing later.

So, can you think of a moment where you felt like you SHOULD have done something that you didn’t?