My 2019 Journey in Binge Eating, SAD & Happiness + 2020 Resolutions!

Approximately 1 year ago, I wrote this post recapping my 2018 end-of-year-review and my 2019 intentions. It’s the perfect time to go back and see what I’ve checked off!

Intentions I had for 2019:

  • Dye my hair mermaid-dip dye style (I did not do this)
  • Get 2 part time jobs in the wellness field (or 1 fulltime) (I did! At one short point I had two cashier positions at two health stores.)
  • Launch my business as a yoga/personal trainer and life coach! (Still on that!)
  • Hire a personal assistant for my business (I don’t need a personal assistant, I figured out, just yet–but I am looking for a video editor. If that’s you, email me at !)
  • Travel to the states/japan/europe (no; I wanted to travel but my priority was securing a job)
  • Volunteer at a dance studio or yoga studio (and so I did in the spring for a very short period!)
  • Read those books I never read in 2018 (Harry Potter, for example) (I’ve crossed out at least 4-5 books off that list; Harry Potter was not one of them, and I’ve added about 10 more books to read. It just seems like I finish one and add 2 more!)
  • Hire a life coach (This is crazy! I’ve had about TWO life coaches this year. It was amazing the things I was able to manifest during that time. I’ve shared three of our sessions on here, actually.)
  • Join a mastermind group (I started my own. It’s the Tribe Called Bliss Book Club!)
  • Train for singing/dancing/acting downtown (errr not really hah)
  • Master a new handstand transition (handstand to bakasana? Pike to handstand?) (how about LOTUS IN HANDSTAND? HUH? 😀 boo yeah. I can do this with a wall.)
  • Start dressing more like my inner goddess and less in lounge-y clothing. This means putting an effort into styling my clothing and adding some makeup. (this one is still in the works. I find myself to just be a very pragmatic woman and I need to know I can, at any point, run away from a zombie.)
  • Start using glass more than plastic (I think I’ve done a pretty good job! I reduce, reuse all my glass containers to store and meal prep for the week ahead. I have so many actually, that I want to throw out some of them that’s just taking up space…)
  • Clean out my business affiliate links (Nope. Something to do in 2020!)
  • Start buying more organic and grass-fed (I’ve done some grass-fed meal subscription services and I love the quality of their meat! Sometime to keep doing in 2020. I haven’t FULLY made the transition yet but it’s in the process!)
  • Being mindful and present with people, in tasks, in social settings, eating, and working (Definitely have started to do this with eating! I’ll go into that a little later…)

This year has been the best its ever been in terms of income (well, now that I’m outta school I obviously have more time for a job)

This year has been THE YEAR OF THE YOGA. I’ve never been so yogically fit in my life! I also got my yoga teacher training certification. 🙂

This year, my relationship with certain family members have been improving! I’m seeing them changing, growing spiritually and I’m attracted to mend our once broken relationship.

I’m still going to abide by the “exiled from home” rule, aka not going inside the house when my father is present, but once in a while I do see them outside the house. My favourite times would be when my mother and I sat down and had a meaningful conversation on our faith, patience, and how we were becoming more emotionally resilient through faith. I’m so glad God/Spirit/Universe is bringing us back together. <3

That, and we always get food. xD 

This year, the binge-eating addiction has subsided more than years past! I remember gorging myself on pizza from Dominos pizza to a point I didn’t even enjoy it anymore. I just wanted something to do. Something to fill me me, something to fill the lack of connection and excitement I felt in my life. Those dark winter nights numbing myself out from the day…I am grateful for the lessons its taught me. 

This year, the seasonal affective blues has  been the lowest it’s ever been. THIS. IS. HUGE. I attest it to the fact that I have a)a nighttime routine and b) a job that swings into the evenings! When I have a sense of purpose, I feel that I am needed and it keeps me busy. Also, I’ve been using the Happy Light on cloudy, snowy/darker mornings. I did an unboxing of it!

This also helped with not overeating–a habit I wanted to work on. There’s a strong correlation between SAD and overeating I did research on for one of my essays. 🙂

All throughout the year, I’ve also made an intention to bless my meals. I say these things before I eat: “I love my food, and my food loves me.” “My food loves me.” three times each, take 3 deep breaths, and do a visualization before I take my first bite. This not only brought  more joy into the act of eating, abut also makes me really appreciate each bite through the senses: taste, touch, smell, crunch, texture, and sight.

Each. Bite.

I mean, how often do we inhale our food without even remembering what it looked it, felt like, and tasted like in our hands? So common with hand food, like nuts.

I bless my food with higher vibes to BE higher vibe myself! When I nourish myself with the best quality foods, the best quality air, the best quality friends, family, luxury items and services, I feel happier, more calm, and more energized. I MYSELF vibrate at a higher level.

When I nourish myself with the best quality foods, the best quality air, the best quality friends, family, luxury items and services, I feel happier, more calm, and more energized. I MYSELF vibrate at a higher level.

Oh, and my digestion has really thanked me for this too. I used to ball up in the corner because my stomach hurt after meals. No longer the case anymore!


2020 Intentions:

Keeping in mind that I keep some aspects of my life private, that my goals are always fluctuating and I am an ever-changing being (and you are too!), these are the goals I’m open to sharing with you:

Work with a life coach. My last session was so profound; I notice that my life grows exponentially when I have support and guidance in my development. This year, I’ve worked a lot with reframing my limiting beliefs and creating a more positive narrative about my past and my identities. I’ve worked on releasing attachment from outcomes, and taking inspired, messy action.

Take on 3 consistent health coaching clients. (apply to work with me by emailing!)

Find another part time job at a luxury spa or gym that pays $20/h, with high vibe people that energize me, and in a place where I feel cherished by my team.

Cultivate more SOUL connections! Continue the Tribe Called Bliss book club and expand that to group coaching biweekly a group of women who want to step into their gorgeous power.

Mediate for 5-10 minutes daily.

Every day, I choose to take a moment to have a conversation with the universe.

Sometimes, I feeĺ like I have no time, but I know having this relationship is important to me. I open space in my heart for I sights, for peace, for forgiveness, and for guidance because without that celestial connections, I would be lost.

However short this conversation may be, I make sure I cultivate our relationship; this nourishes my soul. ♡
May you find the time to bring this into your day as well, m’fitties. ?

Travel somewhere!

Finish reading my long list of books never seems to finish! xD

Some of these intentions are loofy (like travel!) and others are very specific. We’ll see where this leads me, as I’d like to leave up to the universe to do some of the work in creating some magic opportunities.

What do you want out of 2020? Tell me something great about 2019!