Rest Day Sundays + Should You Do Health Testing?

Happy New Year, m’fitties! First blog post of the decade. I have a slew of posts lined up, so stayed tuned for all the recaps, my reflections on 2019, intentions for 2020, goal breakdowns, and update on Binge eating + Self Development.

Meanwhile, enjoy this little day in the life vlog. I’ll kick back and let the video do the talking. 🙂 I hope you’re feeling warm and snuggly.

In this video:

Some smiles.

Some yoga.

Some food.

Some digestion tips + what I do after I eat.

On another note, have you ever heard of health testing? I’ve been curious to get my own done. When I asked my doctor to request a test for my hormones and vitamin levels, he asked me why, and I said to get my own marker and research more about my health. He denied my request much to my dismay. I wonder if this is because when he orders these tests, it costs him. Hmm…

Has this ever happened to you? To be denied the right to know my own health just isn’t fair.

So the next best thing is to outsource another company that can do this for you. is one that is available in the states (YOU LUCKY GUYS! I’m in Canada!) that has many locations for you to go to. They are a direct consumer to lab company!

What you do is: go to their website, check out all the tests you can run (allergy testing, liver and kidney, hormones, etc etc.) select the one(s) you want, and they send you all the needed materials through mail to get a sample of your blood or urine (depending on which test(s) you want to take). Then, you take your samples to the nearest location and within 1-3 business days, you get your results online.

Wow, is that ever fast and self-sufficient.

health labs

I think it’s always wise to do your own N=1 experiment. Every 90 days our cells do a flipover (at least, that’s what I’ve heard), and so we are every changing beings, depending on our diet, exercise, and external environment. Besides, it’d be great to get some answers to help know which supplements to take, and even which foods to eliminate if needed. Being someone with a sensitive digestion, I am curious to get some answers!

Health Labs makes it affordable, fast, and convenient.

Dude, I seriously am jealous of you Americans right now.

You can get 15% off their comprehensive health panel by calling in (1 800 579 3914 for 24/7 support) and using the code: LINDA15

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What’s your favourite day of the week and why?

What day is your rest day?

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