Oh, the Highs and Lows!

Low: Being stood up by your friend last minute because her boyfriend came over and you were expecting to have a movie night together.

pusheen cat sad

High: Popeyes chicken. Wow, that skin is crispy.

High: I love basil.

yum gif

High: I can eat cilantro like cow eats grass. I’m so sorry for those that have the gene that makes cilantro taste like soap. You’re really missing out. Or not–I guess you wouldn’t know! I’m just glad there’s more for me, then. 🙂

High: When you work at a cafe/kitchen and you get “free food” / to make your own stuff and get fancy.

et al cafe york university

Low: When you had food addiction and this can be a really dangerous advantage.

High: When your friend drives a car.


High: When you’re buddy-buddy with your manager and it doesn’t feel like a hierarchy/authoritative kind of workplace.

Low: When your commute to work takes an hour.

High: When you HAVE A JOB / ARE HIRED. 🙂

High: Can’t wait to delve into THIS BOOK! 😀 I’ve preordered it on audible (<click on this link for 2 free books plus a 30 day free membership!) for so long! Freaking love Gabby Bernstein. By the way, if you haven’t read these books yet, get up on reading them!!!

High: When you get emotional because fall and winter is so darn beautiful and you just suddenly have a ERUKA moment; and you stare in wonder at the world and feel so connected with everything and every one.

High: Getting to try this new symbiotic! It’s a blend of pre and probiotic.

I’m trying this new Daily synbiotic by Seed (pssttt—this is a sponsored post, by the way!) )to help with my gut and mood. I notice when one is off, it affects the other. When I’m anxious, my stomach is in knots. When I’m low on serotonin(which is the feel good hormone) it affects my sleep. Serotonin converts to melatonin throughout the day, and melatonin is what helps you sleep. Poor gut health can also link to cravings and bingeing.

If you’re low on serotonin, you could experience the blues, depression, nervous, and or anxiety.

There’s a strong connection between the gut and mind, so I’m giving this a try for 30 days to see how it goes! The capsule is a formulation of both probiotic (good bacteria) and prebiotic (food for that bacteria). Tune in on this journey…I’m hoping to elevate mind and stomach 🙂 I’m not claiming that this supplement will do anything for you or me–this is just my hope. I’ll update you if anything changes!

Do you take anything for your digestion? By the way! If you’d like your own stash, click here and use FITTY!

High: When you reach a point in your meditation that makes you tear up and release an emotion.


High: When you find coins on the ground; no matter how little the amount is.

High: When there are more highs than lows! <3

What’s your weekly high, and weekly low? 🙂