My First Official Tarot Reading! // Oct 10 2019

I went to a Tarot reader (actually–did an energy exchange! I offered some yoga initially complimentary to honour Thanksgiving as a way of giving back, and she generously offered a Tarot reading for me!) and these were my cards:

What is Tarot? It’s sort of like a way to interpret your past, present, future, and determine your fate. If you have a question, you can pull a card and see how it sits with you to find an answer. It gives you guidance and gets you to tap into your intuition. For me, I treat it as a way of creativity. I’ve always been enchanted by ~magic and witchiness~ because I think it’s so FUN! And aesthetic too. I love the look of dreamcatchers, crystals, and little fun cards. Do I believe in what these cards have to say 100%? No, but I do believe that it gets me to tune into my inner voice and exercise my imagination, and that’s important to me. It keeps me gracious, young, and playful.

Now, this was my first official reading. In the past I’ve dabbled in doing them amaturely myself (didn’t really know what I was doing; I just played with it!)

I did some research on the results of my 6-card pull:

Present: 2 of Swords.

      • Stalemate. Stuck.

Past: 8 of Swords.

      • Trapped. Stuck.
      • What’s holding me down?
      • Just go. Fly away. Be Wrong! It’s okay! You gotta try it to know if it IS wrong.

Future: 5 of wands.

      • Competition. The hustle.

Mind: 9 of Wands.

      • You’re almost there! You’re SO CLOSE!

Body: 8 of Pentacles.

      • Keep working! Show up everyday to the work.

Soul: 8 of Wands:

      • Chaos!

All my cards were minor cards; in Tarot, there are major and minor arcanas. From what I know, the minors are just as their name implies–the smaller details in life, whereas the majors represent bigger chapters.

All this made sense to me, and my reader even said upon looking at all these cards, it paints a clear picture of my life. It was like a storyboard! I was at a time where I felt very lost and disheartened; feeling like I was doing all the right things in manifesting my dream job and trying to find soul sisters while building my side business. I was reaching out to people to connect. I was offering yoga. I was posting on social media. I was applying online for jobs. I followed up with in-person meets with the managers. I called in to ask about potential hours. It seemed like I was just doing SO MUCH and nothing was coming–how could I be working so hard and not getting what I want?!

At the very end, I posed a dying question.

“Should I travel?”

And up came a MAJOR card: The Empress.

This makes so much sense! To travel means it’s a huge new chapter of my life. I’ve been thinking about moving to Vancouver or somewhere in the states, or to travel to the Europe first and then settle in Vancouver or the US. I absolutely fell in love with Vancouver when I wen tin May of 2018; I found the vibes to be so in my style and the people to care deeper and live more holistically! These are the people I want to surround myself with; and this is the same reason why I’ve been thinking about the states too (maybe Colorado, San Fran, or L.A.). The area where I live is no longer vibrating with me. It’s not the place my heart longs to be. The Goddess in me wants to uproot and fly… <3

I did some googling and this is what it said:

The Empress is traditionally associated with maternal influence, it is the card if you are hoping to start a family. She can represent the creation of life, romance, art, or new business.
Upright card (keywords): Pregnancy, Nuturing, Abundance, Maternal care, A new opportunity, Stability

I think my heart just skipped a beat. A new business? Abundance? Stability? New opportunities? Yes, yes, yes!

And you know what’s so funny?

After I left that reading, I went to an interview at a health supplement food store.

And I got the job. I. got. the. job. I start training soon.


Have you done Tarot, or Oracle cards? Do you read your horoscope?