The Words that Healed Me

In a desperate time of need, I reached out to someone that I met in previous job on facebook and her words really touched me deeply. They rang so true, and were so healing; I must share this message with you. I forgot when I said exactly, but this was her response:

It feels good to read this message because it’s the truth and it’s aligned with your soul.

When we tell ourselves those lies, it feels painful and awful because it doesn’t match with the vibration of our higher self or soul.

Make the light brighter and the connection stronger by reminding yourself of who you truly are.

You are not broken , you are not powerless, you are not this little human who can not do much. NO NO refuse to accept this nonsense that your subconscious programming is telling you.

Take some deep breath and with each breath take more of your power back.

You lost that job because it wasn’t good enough for you. Because your higher self wanted to push you out of your comfort zone. You can do much more. And you will, just let your light to shine on the darkness of your limiting beliefs.

I’m sharing this so you know that you are not alone. We all have unpleasant experiences but don’t think that is your life, it’s just an experience, and you can change it.

And I love you so much too.

We all need support when we are going through though time. One day you’ll tell me stop lying to yourself and get your power back ? and I’ll be like ” but… ” and you’ll say No but, change your thoughts and change your life and do something positive ??

That’s why the universe put us on earth other ‘s path…

Take care, hopefully we can manage to meet up this week.

Hugs hugs hugs. Kisses, kisses, kisses. Upon reading this letter, I was immediately struck by the lightness in her words. The optimism, the unwavering kindness and light. I did not feel a drainage of energy, a shadow of doubt or worry or any ~wavering~ / ~unsureness~ in her words, much like what I often sense coming from my mother, or friends when I disclose to them. Instead, they held a certainty to them that struck my heart, and suddenly I felt like a flower bud that blossomed its petals in a span of just 3 seconds.

These are the words of a true lightworker. This was the energy of a Goddess. They say you grow into the 5 people closest to you. Well, this is the type of energy is exactly what I want to envelope myself with.

When was the last time you were truly touched by a speech? Who made that speech?