What Am I Doing With My Life…?

What AM I doing with my life currently?

Meeting people. Going out more. Getting out of bed, at least!

As I’ve mentioned in my update video on life^, I’m still working part time (7-12 hours) a week at the local cafe. I’m blessed to be able to walk to work, pick the hours I want, and meet some of my favourite customers there. I would be lying if I didn’t mention that working in the food industry is triggering all of my past history with bingeing, but I know that I have been gifted this opportunity to rewrite my story, uplevel from my past, and practice discipline and intuition around restaurants. I slipped up a few times here and there, especially with the rotisserie chicken (the part where the drumstick meets the body is the juiiiiiiiiccciiieeessstttt), but all is good and I’m managing so much better!

When I say NO to free food, I am saying YES to health and sanity. And YES to also giving my full, undivided, loving attention to the people I serve. There is so much freedom in abstinence. That is a form of self-kindness/self-respect.

Tv Shows.

I’ve mentioned that I’m very selective with the shows I indulge in because I’m not about that #LongTermCommitment. I mean come on, I don’t feel like sitting on my butt all day staring at a screen! I like being out and about.

Some shows that’re launching this fall include So You Think You Can Dance, 13 Reasons Why, and The Cable Girls.

I’ve started watching them all. I can’t wait for America’s Next Top Model to come out, and I’m a little weary of 13 Reasons Why. I love the show (I mean come on, I even made THIS POST), think it’s brilliantly casted and directed, but the storyline ALWAYS SO DISHEARTENING AND PESSIMISTIC! There should be a version where they make the storyline optimistic. Then I can leave each episode without feeling like my heart was ripped out. I’m a humanist. 🙂

13 reasons why

13 reasons why


I added two new books to read: The Anatomy of Loneliness and Shadows before Dawn both by Teal Swan. I’ve heard of her from youtube and previous podcasts before, but in those episodes her ideas were ~a little out there~ for me but upon reading a few pages of these two books, they were easy and practical to understand for me. I’d like to share with you a passage from The Anatomy of Loneliness which I found to be profound:

the anatomy of loneliness teal swan

I’m so excited to read this!


I’m working on sleeping earlier–>preferably 10pm bedtime since I get up earlier for something in the morning and I gotta BE there are 11am. I set my alarm for 8:45am for my morning routine of movement and meditation. As the colder months approach and it takes my body longer to warm up, I may push it earlier to 8:35am, but we’ll see!

More running. Less yoga.

I. LOVE. FALL. It’s the perfect time for running. I find myself wanting to go farther and longer on a date with the trees, the breeze, and my running shoes. Currently, I practice ~90 minutes of yoga daily, 6 days of the week. I run 3 times a week for 30-50 minutes; I couldn’t stand the heat or humidity of summer so I spent more time inside. Now that it’s colder, I want to swap this with spending more time outside.

run selfie

Less Salt. (?)

I put the question mark because salt gives me energy on a keto diet, but at the same time I find that I wake up super puffy in the face with bags of Gucci and Prada under my eyes if I have too much salt the day previous. I’ll play with it.

Uncluttering my Clothes


silly selfie pink hoodie

And hoodies.

What’re you excited for, m’fitties?