The “Going-Out” Anxiety

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For me, transportation seems to stress me out more than the average person my age.

I have this anxiety also when going out, that I have a low mood or energy and won’t enjoy the event. There are times when I’m out and all of a sudden I want to retreat to a silent, quiet place like the comfort of my yoga mat for a little bit, recharge, and be extroverted again in the outer world. There are bouts of this throughout the day especially when I’m out at work, with a friend at an attraction or even at their house that I  need these little “power-boosting” moments but have no where to go to. In those instances, I SURE WISH I could quickly teleport. Teleport back home, then teleport right back to where I was. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Go out for 2 hours and then bus 1 hour back home to rest for an hour and then bus an hour back 1 hour  back to the venue?!

No….that’s just not practical.

When I’m in unfamiliar places, it makes me antsy because I suddenly want to know where the exit is, the washroom is, and if there’s a quiet area for me to retreat to if needed.

me anxious

Also, I need a tongue-scraper, palate-cleaner, energy clearance when I transition from one place to another. I always do this before each of my clients to clear the slate and come in with new showered energy for each unique individual, so transitional time is important! This goes the same for being in different places. A bar is different than a spa. A girlfriend’s home is different than a crowded mall. If I had a car, I’d sit in it for a good 10 minutes to meditate and maybe even palo-santo myself. This gives me the chance to wash away lingering energies from the past client and bring in  my full vibrational self to the next thing.

So…I need a car.

Can anyone else relate to these very real stressors when going out?

With all that said, I’m glad to have something to do that forces me to take action and break me out of a rut .For example, getting out of the house because of an appointment allows me to interact with people and seeing things I otherwise wouldn’t have. Like the Toronto International Film Festival (I worked a gig there). It was the first time I attended the festival, and even though I didn’t see a movie, I talked to people who made t a tradition to visit every year, got free swag and breathed in the festivity that was electric in the air. Electricity that lit up my spirits. Change can be uncomfortable but it never to be bad. I got myself a monthly pass that let’s me go anywhere without having to worry about paying per one-way-trips so I have the freedom to go anywhere I choose. I did this at a time I couldn’t get out of bed.


Even still, my heart wanderlusts deeply and I cannot wait to travel. I know that obstacles are detours in the right direction, and I’ll be ultimatly propelled in the direction my heart grows. Above my ego. Above my fears. To my highest self, and the highest good for all.

Do you own a vehicle? Do you commute? What do you keep in your car?