Changes Since 1 Year Ago…

I journal almost on the daily. Thoughts, little insightful moments, and of course–blogging with you guys is a source of writing! The other day, it dawned up on me just how my mind, body, and spirit have upleveled from a year ago.

my transformation

Apart from shedding 9 pounds of dead skin cells (which is to say, I’m in a brand new body!), I’d like to share with you what changes I’ve noticed in mind, body and spirit!

Today, I:

  • Have more energy
  • Have better Sleep (better adrenals and hormones). I used to have restless nights where it’d take me 30 minutes to fall asleep, and then I’d wake up around 2-4am in the morning and fall back for another 2-3 hours. Granted, I still have some of these nights but otherwise my sleep has been so much better–I fall asleep within 30-60 minutes (if not then 15), and wake up once during the night around the same time interval and fall asleep within the next hour. On nights that I never wake up once–THOSE NIGHTS ARE BLESSED. <3 I wake up feeling SO fresh, it’s insane.
  • Started listening to ASMR. I don’t recall how I stumbled upon this. Oh wait, yes i do. My little sister started listening to ASMR slime and I thought, oh what the hell. There’s no way that this is putting me to sleep. So I tried it and it was so relaxing! At first I played it straight up from my phone and listened to the quiet whispers cascading into my ears, but when I plugged in my earphones, it took things to a WHOLE new level, I’m telling you. It’s like trying to do binatural beats without headphones. Uh–it doesn’t really work that way.
  • Started meditating more. I now meditate daily for 5-15 minutes, usually in the morning.

shanti meditation bowl

  • Learned about law of attraction
  • Found more TIME. I attribute this to the fact that I have less school, and take more time for transitions between tasks. Act the way I want to feel–if I always feel like I’m rushed and pressed, that’s all I’ll ever feel. Just by slowing down and talking to myself, saying, “I have enough time.” when I feel anxiety makes the clock almost seem to slowly tick for me and I have more grace going into my next thing. I didn’t magically make up an extra hour in the day–we all have the same 24 hours. It’s how we treat it that becomes how we make it feel to us. It’s not the thing itself–it’s our relationship to it. I’m not always rushing to the last minute and trying to maximizing every second before the next appointment.
  • I’ve become much more emotionally strong–>resilient and open to changes! Being uncomfortable with changes because I’m focusing on what I have to GAIN from this new experience instead of what I’m giving up by breaking a habit/routine.. I’ve been doing this by changing up the time I do yoga, more prayer with the universe.
  • Eating raw meats. Cooking them takes out the oils and water and makes it taste so dry!
  • I’m doing more yoga than ever. I’m doing 60-90 minutes of yoga daily as opposed to doing yoga 30-60 minutes about 3 times a week! Something about my practice as grown onto me.

outdoor relax yoga

  • I’ve cut back on running. My runs used to be 45-75 minutes long–now they’re 30-60 minutes! I used to want to run a marathon. I have no intention of going so long now.

Some of these changes have been conscious habits, whereas others came out of the magic, out of the blue and hit me like a shooting star;n a blessing I didn’t have to ask for. Miracles are natural.

And who knows what changes’ll happen within the next year?! Perhaps I’ll take up more running again. Or maybe get into crossfit. Or start a whole new hobby altogether, Perhaps I’ll be a 7-figure earner! Maybe I’ll have moved to the states. Who knows? I never anticipated much of these changes. <3 But everything I’ve gone through always works for me.

me spring bench park nature

And that’s true for you too, m’fitty.

What’s one thing that you’ve consciously changed over the past year? One unconscious thing? Lastly, tell me a blessing in your life!