8 Mantras For Inner Peace

Going through emotional turmoil can be hard, especially alone.

I don’t always want to pull out my camera to film when I’m crying, when I’m throwing a tantrum, when I binged, when I journal, etc. etc. I don’t always want to call a friend to chat, or I don’t have someone there at hand.  It’s not a pretty process.

Here are mantras that’ve helped me move through with ease, grace, and compassion.

I choose to see this with love.

gabrielle bernstein

I’m a huge fan of Gabrielle Bernstein, and this is one that’s resonated with me the most. In each and every moment, we have the option to rethink our negative thoughts, and choose to see it in a different way. In life, nothing is inherently good or bad, if you think about it. Circumstances are just circumstances, but we choose to make them biased. So instead of choosing the bias of the negative, we can choose to spin it to a positive.

For example, when I lost my job, I chose to see it that I’m free to take a vacation in my own city now. I work for nobody. I can do whatever I want. I don’t operate on anybody else’s schedule.

Tough times pass, but tough people last.

I love this one, especially when I’m sitting in the shittiness of a situation, or have an urge to do something impulsive, like binge. Let the feelings pass. Let the time pass. Because this moment does not last forever–it has an expiry date. So just wait. The time will come.

This too, shall pass.

Well, this one is similar to the previous.

What do you want to focus on?

I discovered this within my first Reiki session. I was struck by how immediate my practitioner responded with this when I admitted that I had fear on losing control. “What do you want to focus on?”. Where you water your plants, that’s where energy goes. Life is simply too short to focus on negative thoughts. Instead, I want to focus on being happy. If you think about your mind being a garden and the weeds being negative thoughts and the flowers being positive ones, which ones do you choose to water?

your mind is a garden affirmation

If you think about your mind being a garden and the weeds being negative thoughts and the flowers being positive ones, which ones do you choose to water?

How is this serving me?

Everything that happens, happens in OUR FAVOR, believe it or not. So how can I turn this situation around into elevating my life, instead of seeing it as depreciating my life? Instead of thinking, “Why is this happening to me?” think, “How is this working for me?”. I personally take out a journal and make a list!

This is happening FOR me. (not TO me)

This one is similar to the previous!

I am not my body. I am free.

There are times I feel limited by my skin. The soul is limitless. It is free. It is unbounded. It is true consciousness (now we’re getting super Eckhart Tolle here…)

I am not my past. I am not my future. I am a spirit having an experience on earth, in this dimension, in this temple taken shape of a human form.

Enough said.

At the end of the day, remember to give yourself as much grace as possible through this process. The last thing you want to do is beat yourself up for beating yourself up. <3

Namaste, and I’m sending you so much light and love!