My Biggest Pet Peeve: The “I’m Worried About You.”

Have you ever gotten this phrase through a loved one or a friend? Wow, does it ever irk me.

Wait…what makes you think worrying about me makes my situation better? If a)I’m not worried about myself and b) I’m already doubting myself, what good does it do to put forth that negative, unstable energy in my field to amplify it?

The other day, when I admitted to a friend some of my struggles and her seeing me so upset, she simply stated, “I’m not worried about you.” 

And in that moment, I felt a huge wave of relief wash over me. To hear that someone has the utmost confidence in my abilities to pull myself together, to get through the darkest days gives me hope, faith, and restores my own self-strength. I felt so confident when she said that.

soulful sad

The thing is, concern and worry all come from a place of love–but so does empowerment and encouragement. One of these sides swings to the left, which  is negative energy, and the other side swings to the right, radiating positive energy. What do you want to emanate for someone when they’re already in despair? 

OF COURSE you want to encourage them! You want them to feel better, you want them to thrive. But worrying about them makes them even more anxious and only adds to their despair.

So if you truly want to help them, empower them. Believe in them. Tell them you’re not worried about them. Tell them and really BELIEVE in them with your whole heart, because that energy can be felt on a vibrational level. No doubt.

I know this resonated with you. And if you’re feeling down in the dumps, I send this prayer to you; no storm lasts forever. All things pass. All thoughts pass. All urges pass.. All heartaches pass. Time passes. This. Will. Pass.


With all my love,

Linda. <3