Exposing my Insecure Thoughts {Journal Prompts for Healing}

This is challenging for me to share, but I also know that they’re just the right amount of uncomfortability that I can manage disclosing. ๐Ÿ™‚

Journaling and writing has been so therapeutic to me, as with running, yoga, and meditation. If you’re at a loss of where to start in your own healing process, start here. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

These are journal Prompts that I use when I want to heal, raise my vibes, and gain inner guidance when I’m feeling lost. I hope you find solace in these as much as I did!

May these poetries and words seek into your heart and rejuvenate your soul, m’fitty.


“Imagine a fictional character has your life, solving your problems.”

She delves deep into travelling and creating, painting, planting, exploring. She holds no expectations and listens to the inner voice of a goddess. Her movement stems from curiosity, and a willingness to learn.

Her mishaps are secret blessings, and the magnitude of beauty in her life–however simple, brings tears to her eyes. She is is overjoyed with life. She feels deeply in each and every sense and this is the light that she brings. She hold no grudge. Peace is in her heart. She is patient. She bears no watch. She finds prayer and a conversation with the universe through smelling the flowers, through words with strangers, through finding a penny on the ground.

She is rich in every sense.

Reframing Negative Thoughts

I’m no longer as fit anymore.

I am richer in creativity and social life, and have found joy in new hobbies.

I’m fatter now.

I’m more flexible with my workout and diet regime in a way that doesn’t tax me mentally, and i think about it less — just like how I’d be when i’m travelling the world: too engrossed in joy and the beauty of the moment!

I’m lazy and will never lose all this weight again.

I’m in a season of my life when fitness and food is no longer my #1 priority, but something else temporarily is. I’m sure next season I’ll be much more refreshed and renewed, and ready to make diet and exercise a priority again.

May 26, 2018

Today I remembered why I love my meditation. It’s a conversation I open up to the universe, and we manifest, think, reflect, and create together. I discover things I may overlook, and I set the correct high-vibe tone for the rest of the day.

I know good things are coming; they’re already here.

All I want to do is travel, see things, talk to people–explore the world with every inch of my being. I want to swallow it all, every nook and cranny. Every taste touch, smell, sound, sight — and energetic vibration. My wanderlust brings me to Europe, Japan, and all over the world. From rural areas with the locals where my feet hit the pavement running as I breathe in the crisp, cold air of Denmark, to the luxurious hotels with ever-soft
beds and rose petals in Paris.

Where my heart goes, There I Am.

I do not worry about money. I do not worry about food. I do not worry about appearance. I am so in love/in light with the world that I become it. I give, teach, coach, speak, and it falls on the right ears. I love deeper, touch deeper, appreciate deeper, and feel deeper on every level. My senses are heightened.

Everything is easy. I am lit up. Full.

Fulfilled from the inside out <3

May 31, 2019

Today I am ever so blessed by this wonderful weather to bathe in and run in. I have a sense of purpose, a place to go write, and I woke up early for it. I have a beautiful book to read and I’ve manifested $289 already. I ask for $500 more and play this game with the universe. I have a light to share and I share this generosity with clients, soulsisters, and all my friends. I love my haircut. It’s chic and suits me super well! I am. I am. I am.

And so it is.

June 15, 2019

Today, I remembered that forgiveness is a practice. I hopped off a discovery call with a life coach the other day and have taken away with me three things:

  • Forgiveness is a practice. It’s a conscious choice we give ourselves during times of stress, and not a thing we perfect or “achieve”.
  • Whatever I can masculinize in a feminine act (eg. forgiving, softening, yoga), do it to bring a bout of ambition. And vice-versa; bring grace and femininity to a masculine task.
  • No more ‘shoulds’, but instead say, “I choose to”, and be content with whatever I’m currently doing/not doing that society deems I ‘should’ be doing/not doing.

Like, heck yeah I spent impulsively at the mall yesterday! Heck yeah I didn’t exercise today because I didn’t want to miss my favourite show! Heck yeah I…! And I enjoyed every second of it.

forgiveness is a practice mantra

MANTRA: Happy here, happy there, happy everywhere. Indulge in the JOY of this moment, whether you intended to be here or not. Make the best of it.

Miracle Message #39: Ninety percent of the practice of creating new habits is just showing up.

Miracle Message #92: Feeling your feelings sets you free.

Every muscle in your body either resists a decision or flows with it. Your brain might play tricks on you, but your muscles never lie. When you feel stuck about a decision, you can test your options against your muscle tension to see which direction your body actually agrees with. This is called applied kinesiology testing and it is a way to get answers from your subconcious through muscle reactions.

February 4, 2019

You know what they say about the law of mirrors? Well it’s true. What you see on the outside is a direct representation of what you see on the inside. The other day I met a man at Starbucks. He was packing up to leave, and mentioned to me that the community at my school was cold and rude. I never felt that way. I always saw people as open, friendly, and laid-back. As we talked on, it became clear that he himself was not very happy. He was a cynical man. Through his own darkened lens, he only saw darkened things. My energy started to drain and I felt the need to protect my energy, so I ended the conversation fast.

Law of Mirrors — I choose to see good, and so I emanate good, and only see good.

Today I manifest energy, peace, and calm.

Jan 6, 2018

I took 17 lovely minutes to eat two large cucumbers. I sat there, on the main floor couches, a place I never sit at, usually because the main area is just not an area that feels private enough for me to do anything. I made a promise to myself and my accountability buddy, that for one meal a day, I’d eat without distractions — this means no electronics, no screens, no distractions, and I’d do this for at least 20 minutes. I was waiting for the rest of my meal to bake for 20 minutes, so I though it’d be perfect to
start with the cucumbers. I made a promise. So I was gonna do it. I looked at the cucumbers. One was small and the other was thicker. I put them on my eyes for five seconds and let the cool surface touch my eyelids. After all, I’ve seen girls do this as spa treatments and it’s supposed to be relaxing; now I understood why. It really did feel cooling and relaxing!

I took a bite out of both and liked the smaller one more. It was sweeter. I wondered what I would do with all the crazy unused clothing in my closet. I picked at each bite with my tongue. I looked out the window where the
smoker from upstairs stood in his black hoodie. Maddy came downstairs to grab some hummus, and told me she was pursuing her degree in psychology. I haven’t had an actual life moment with her in ages after we’d fallen out.

I said to myself, “I love my food, and my food loves me,” and feltย  race and love for the act of eating. I chewed my food until it was digestible and not chunky. I loved this experience because:

  • a) It really got me mindful and grateful for my meals which I often neglect to appreciate and taste and
  • b) actually CHEW proberly. My stomach had a much better time digesting.

Self Confidence Worksheet


What mattered most to you in this moment?

ยท Being seen Being heard. Appreciated. People were telling me with tears in their eyes how much I’ve changed them. Inspirational. Thank you. I was loud and standing in full presence of the moment. Moving through me was ecstatic euphoria — body, heart, soul, immersed in music. No fear, just elation. Saturated in the moment.


What was your environment like?

On stage, people everywhere. Cheers, applause.


What was your mindset like?

Hear me. See me. Love me. I guess I really crave attention, approval, and a loving from others onto me. Blunted, I stuff it down with food and shopping and aloofness because all that is vulnerable and a lot for someone else to handle. I’m asking for too much. I always get rejected.


What did I believe about myself?

I had it all. I AM captivating. I CAN sing, dance, act. I AM the song. I AM powerful, big, full, bunapologetic, free, and fuck yeah I’m over the top! You love me!

Ingredients to feel like this:

  • Music/performance
  • Attention
  • Love and appreciation from others
  • Being BIG! LOUD!
  • FUN!


  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Purpose
  • Fun

What is one action step I can take today to move closer to my value of _____?

Is this decision/thought bringing me closer to my value of _____?
Which value do I want to bring closer to me today? (Choose 1!)

Which one of these entries/thoughts resonated with you the most? Do you journal? Do you have a spiritual practice? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW! ๐Ÿ™‚