The Ones That Got Away

So this post is sort of a rainbow of photos that I’ve stored on my phone or desktop, but for some reason never used. These date back to year ago! Looking back at them makes me remanence…

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did. I know pictures tell a thousand words, so I’ll just shut up now. 🙂


You can find this cute little guy here, where I get my life planners! Speaking of which, I’m looking for a 2020 planner so if you have any suggestions, please link me in the comments below!

partnered yoga with edith

This partnered yoga session was SO MUCH FUN! You can view it on youtube:

I miss Edith; she is so busy with law school right now that we never seen each other anymore. I’m sure our paths will cross again one day. <3

edith partnered yoga backbend

edith partnered yoga backbend

edith partnered yoga

edith partnered ab exercises

edith partnered ab exercises

edith partnered ab exercises

edith partnered ab exercises

edith partnered ab exercises

partnered yoga with edith

yoga wheel pose

yoga wheel pose

partnered yoga with edith

partnered yoga with edith


selfie dancing

Anyone else like to have dance parties in their room?

Happy Selfie


HE BIT ME. D: little goffer, you.

salmon salad

Nothing like Salad with Salmon belly. The oils from the belly act as a great coater instead of adding oil manually!

skyzone split jump trampoline



Remember this total body HIIT PYLO workout?


me and tea mug smiling

Tea got me so happy. This beloved tumblr broke actually. 🙁 It fell on the ground. I liked it a lot because it turned colour when you pour water into it! With water, it’s light. And without, it turns dark.

Baton rouge. <3


Which is a half-fertilized egg.

It’s my favourite type of egg, actually. You can find them at certain asian grocers for about $1.20 per egg.

Isn’t it cool?!

hard boiled balut egg

balut tasting surprised selfie funny

I was like, “DANG THIS IS GOOD!”

Me when my roommate egged my door.

arm circuit workout dumbbell tricep extension

Get your weights on and tone those triceps!

arm circuit workout dumbbell tricep extension

yoga arm balance titibasana


rm circuit workout punches dumbbell


I love scrapbooking memories.

arm circuit workout dumbbell

selfie smile

selfie abs

oliver and bonaccini dinner menu

Oh, when I went to Oliver and Bonnaccini. <3 I loved their service and food! Wow does this bring me back to the days I played with tinder…

Almond milk latte.

Someone make memes of my expressions. I think I’m iconic. <3

sushi wa sashimi salad

Sashimi salad on my 22nd birthday.

sushi wa sashimi salad

sushi wa sashimi salad

sushi wa fried tofu

A bento box my mom got with fried tofu.

Some pilates never hurt nobody.

podcast screenshoot

Podcasts I listen to.

Chicken chips <3 Taste so much better than regular chips.

Me at the farmer’s market 2019! This vendor sells Nutella-stuffed donuts and big samosas.

Pork rind chips are also really tasty. <3

resistance bands

…And that’s a wrap!

What’s the LAST THING you took a photo of?!