Dear Barista Girl,

Dear Barista girl,

It was amazing to see you again. Remember me? We met back when you were still working at Starbucks. I was shocked to see you again at Aroma. I remember us meeting briefly just twice before you shut me out completely and disappeared. I often wondered about you, where you were ad how things were going in life. I knew you were on a strict diet and owned a Herschel brown knapsack. I knew you were an art history major. I knew you liked low-fit music and the smell of coffee. You loved art history.

I never thought I’d see you again. It lit up my day to see you again.

Do you remember me?

I think you do; but we just don’t talk about it. I mean, how do you bring up the fact that we met online and then in person, a total of 60 minutes face-to-face in those two in person meetings, and the fact that you were embarrassed and didn’t know how to bring up that you vanished without reason, without a word?

So after a few weeks here and there, i dropped by the coffee shop on a weekend morning. Got the usual: Hot cup of water to steep my own tea with, and some tabs of butter. I grew to like your crescent-moon earrings, and I loved dropping by to say, “the usual.” I’ve always wanted to say that as a regular customer somewhere!

pistachio latte coffe aroma espresso
pistachio latte

Somewhere along the way you dropped out again; and now we’re back where we started; not knowing where you disappeared off to again.

I think our paths will cross again. Sometime. When the time is right.

Thank you for being a dot in my timeline.

Many blessings until we meet again.

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Hello, m'fitties. Yesterday I melted into a pool of loneliness. Thoughts welled in my head and uninvitedly, pestered me about the future. What am I going to Do? Will I find a job I love that pays enough to sustain me? When will I find my soul tribe? Why am I losing things? How will I gather my business team? Why am I so _____? Negativity spirals more negativity, but eventually i got on my yoga mat. After 90 minutes of a tear-stained practice, I meditated. And breathed in every beautifully broken at this moment. Which isn't so broken. I need to gather myself. Something wonderful is coming. I may go on a hiatus off from all social media for a while; but I send you all my love and blessings.

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Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but didn’t know how? Or, who was the last person that ghosted on you?